Bettor pegs the Rams scoring three points, wins $100,000

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No one expected the Rams to score three points in Super Bowl LIII. One person was willing to bet that they would, however.

Via Mitch Moss of the Vegas Stats and Information Network, someone bet $250 at 400-1 odds on the Rams being held to a field goal. The wager paid $100,0000.

Only one other team had scored three points in the Super Bowl. In early 1972, the Dolphins lost to the Cowboys by the score of 24-3.

But that came years before the NFL relaxed the rules regarding the passing game. The notion that the Greatest Show-Offs on Turf Part Two would be limited to a field goal in the Super Bowl that capped a season during which they averaged 32.9 points per game would have been unthinkable. Arguably, the odds should have been even longer than 400-1.

11 responses to “Bettor pegs the Rams scoring three points, wins $100,000

  1. Incredible SB Game – both Defenses played great.

    Highlight of the game was the face of McVay on the sidelines, 4th Quarter, sweating bullets and white as a ghost.

    Jason McCourty running 20 yards to knock the ball loose from Cooks in the End Zone was unreal.

  2. Odds are he also bet the under very very hard. Probably the Patriots too.

    I would also guess he played the Rams to score 7, 10 and 14. So you got a grand on semi-prop bets. A grand on the under and a grand on the Patriots. Perfectly logical: 50-50 at breaking even or getting 65% back with a chance at hitting the big one.

    That’s how I would have done it and I would bet at 1 to 2 odds that he did something similar. (I put up 100 to win 50).

  3. granadafan says:
    February 7, 2019 at 11:06 am
    It takes major cajones and/or a lot of disposable income to drop $250 on such an unlikely bet result.
    Way more likely than hitting that on a slot machine with the same amount bet.

  4. Westgate Casino had an even better prop bet – you could bet on either team to score zero touchdowns, odds 1000-1. So this guy could have made the same bet and won much more, plus would have still won if they’d kicked a couple more field goals.

    Westgate offered 1000 different prop bets on the game this year. After what this guy pulled off, I think I’ll go there and make a bunch of small wagers on some of the more bizarre stuff. Much more interesting than putting a hundo on the favorite at less than even money odds.

  5. “Easiest cash I’ve ever made!”

    — Jared Goff
    I was going to say the same thing, except replace Goff with McVay.

  6. Did the bettors name sound a lot like Bill Belichick. Cause he knew they wouldn’t score more than 3 the minute McVay drooled all over him.

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