Bettor won $1,132 on $2 Super Bowl parlay

Getty Images

No one could have guessed that there would be zero touchdowns in the first half of Super Bowl LIII. And no one could have guessed that Tom Brady‘s first pass would be intercepted.

Well, one person guessed it.

A bettor identified only as Nate put together those two long-shot bets into one incredible parlay bet on Sunday, and Bovada has confirmed it will pay out $1,131.58 on his $2 bet. Nate bet on both zero first-half touchdowns and Brady’s first pass getting picked off, and because they were parlayed together, that made for the huge payout.

Of course, there’s no word on how many other long-shot bets Nate made, and those long-shot bets are long shots because they’re so rarely successful. Sometimes a bettor loses thousands of long-shot bets, and then we only hear about the one that he hits on. But that one was impressive.