Chris Simms joins NBC Sports exclusively in March

Getty Images

In 2017, PFT Live added a co-host, three days per week. The experiment, which could have gone the way of Peter Brady’s volcano, ended up going pretty well, unexpectedly. Well enough to result in the co-host becoming a full-time employee of NBC Sports.

Yes, starting next month, Chris Simms will be an NBC-only employee. His role on PFT Live will expand from three shows per week to four. And he’ll be doing plenty of other things.

“Since joining the television team a few years ago, I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone at NBC Sports, even Mike Florio,” Simms said in the press release announcing the move. [Editor’s note: Screw you, Simms.] “Now I’m excited to expand my role by producing fun, unique football content almost every day for NBC Sports’ many websites and social media accounts. I’m also forever grateful to the team at Bleacher Report, who gave me the first forum to voice my opinion about the sport I love.”

Chris and I bust each other’s chops regularly, but we wouldn’t do that if we didn’t truly like each other. Reluctantly, I’ll admit that he has become a close friend. And it’s nice to actually have a friend, I’ve learned.

Even if he had a laissez-faire upbringing.