Saints’ David Onyemata cited for having pot in his house

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Law enforcement executed a search warrant at the home of Saints defensive lineman David Onyemata last month but found nothing more than a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

The New Orleans Advocate reports that Onyemata was given a misdemeanor citation accusing him of illegally possessing marijuana in his apartment.

According to the report, a narcotics investigator received a tip that led to the Sheriff’s Office getting a search warrant for the apartment, which turned out to be Onyemata’s. When officers arrived Onyemata was cooperative and police found only marijuana, cannabis oil, marijuana edibles and hemp powder.

Onyemata is a great success story. He moved from Nigeria to Canada at the age of 19, having never even seen a football game. He enrolled at the University of Manitoba, joined that school’s team, played so well that the Saints drafted him in the fourth round, and he has developed into a solid contributor. One would hope that possessing marijuana in the privacy of his own home wouldn’t do anything to derail his success.

17 responses to “Saints’ David Onyemata cited for having pot in his house

  1. I would imagine the “tip” was someone with a vendetta against Onyemata. Scary to think the police can flip your house based on a tip and no other evidence. The judge will probably throw this out or continue without a finding and give a small fine. The NFL, on the other hand, will probably sit him for four games and put him in the substance abuse program.

  2. Waste of everyone’s time and money. In certain states there are still laws regulating certain physical interactions between consenting adults. Having grown Vietnam era I’m gratified that many states have seen the idiocy of current pot laws and have made improvements in people’s lives. If only there were a way to give back some of the ridiculous penalties foisted on so many. OTOH, pot laws also allowed warrants that helped put very deserving BAD people off the streets. Sadly, life is rarely if ever binary.

  3. You know the league needs to understand players don’t want to deal with extremely addictive pain meds.

    The life of players after the NFL should come into consideration. If the effects of playing the game can be eased with healthier alternatives they should be allowed to.

    Or should we just continue to watch defensive lineman not make it to 50 years old for crying out loud.

  4. Glad the police are searching private homes for illicit substances instead of doing wasteful things like trying to prevent robberies and murders.

  5. Yeah, now he will be looking at a suspension and not so random drug tests from his employer. He was living in an apartment apparently, I get being financially conscious, but I’m sure he can afford his own home by now so he can smoke pot in peace without neighbors trying to jam him up, this might push him to do it. Sucks that the neighbor ratted him out for just smoking weed, he isn’t like these guys getting busted with a couple pounds of weed, he just was getting high, not really harming anyone, but I know the really good potency stuff can reek and people living nearby will be upset, gotta be mindful of that.

  6. Full disclosure, i haven’t done weed in over a couple decades, although I did my fair share prior to that – and probably a couple other people’s fair shares as well.

    That being said, it sounds to me like this dude seriously loves his ganja. I mean, a real connoisseur. All kinds of different ways to get high on the stuff, depending on your mood, eh? Sheesh.

    I have no problem w people doing pot. Not only was this none of the cops’ business, it’s really none of the NFL’s business ei5her in my opinion. I would hope a world-class athlete would want to stay away from SMOKING the crap, but that’s up to him.

    Leave the man alone. Dude wasn’t hurting a fly.

  7. That is the strong arm of Jefferson parish. A city right outside no.

    This is nothing new for them. Work exceptionally hard in the higher end white hoods. They profile like mad.

    Had a job many moons ago where I had to to drive thru all the time. Wound up changing my look to stop getting pulled over. Shaved off my beard and cut off two feet of hair.

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