Chiefs have plenty of contract concerns, now and in the future

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Chiefs General Manager has some pressing contractual issues, but he also has the luxury of future ones as well.

In addition to talk about the likelihood of bringing back pass-rusher Dee Ford, there are other issues lingering in the coming months for Veach.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill and defensive end Chris Jones just finished their third seasons, which means they’re now eligible to extend their contracts.

Hill set a franchise record with 1,479 receiving yards last year, and Jones set a league record with a sack in 11 straight games, finishing with 15.5.

We want them here for a long time,” Veach said, via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. “We have a special thing brewing here. . . . We’ll have discussions on how we can make this work for everyone.”

He’s also thinking down the road about quarterback/former pickup basketball player Patrick Mahomes, who is a year away from being eligible to get a new deal.

“Last year we were putting this together, and this is pre-50-touchdowns and 5,000 yards,” Veach said of Mahomes. “We were preparing to have success and (considered) the potential of a future number.”

That number proceeded to get bigger, as the ones on the scoreboard did as well.

7 responses to “Chiefs have plenty of contract concerns, now and in the future

  1. And this is where all up and coming teams hit a wall. Obviously Mahomes has to be signed no matter what but after that the tough decisions need to be made

  2. Sandlot football looked great in the regular season, especially in the early going, but then everyone realized you just can’t give up the big play and all of a sudden things didn’t look so great.

    This will be Andy Reid’s legacy, a regular season genius and a postseason failure.

  3. Chiefs should have won Super Bowl. No way they can keep everyone can’t wait too pick up ur leftovers dee ford Mitch Morse welcome too New York

  4. These are good problems to have, Chiefs should be contenders in AFC for years to come. Congrats to Mahomes and company

  5. The Chiefs should be thinking about building a sustainable system that doesn’t revolve around superstars. Mahomes and Andy Reid are good enough to have you in contention every year as long as there are no glaring horrible roster weaknesses and Belichik and the Steelers have proven teams with the best middle class are best for long term success. Right now they have 2 glaring weaknesses that I’m not sure any of these guys really help. They can’t stop the run and can’t cover on the back end.

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