Dolphins officially hire Chad O’Shea, Patrick Graham and Jim Caldwell

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The Dolphins had to wait a while before they could officially hire Brian Flores as their head coach, but the lack of a formal announcement didn’t stop them from lining up much of Flores’ first coaching staff in Miami.

That group included former Lions and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell, who was officially announced as the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach on Friday.

“Jim is an incredible human being, a man of faith and a great football coach. His experience as a head coach will be invaluable for me. Jim is a great teacher, highly organized and somebody that I have a lot of respect for,” Flores said in a statement.

The team also formalized the hirings of defensive coordinator Patrick Graham and offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea. O’Shea joined Flores in making the move from New England to Miami and defensive pass game coordinator/cornerbacks coach Josh Boyer and assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski also left the Patriots this week.

Danny Crossman (special teams coordinator), Karl Dorrell (wide receivers), Pat Flaherty (offensive line), George Godsey (tight ends), Marion Hobby (defensive line), Rob Leonard (linebackers), Tony Oden (safeties), Eric Studesville (running backs), Josh Grizzard (quality control), Matt Lombardi (quality control), and Tiquan Underwood (quality control) were also announced as coaches for the 2019 Dolphins.

17 responses to “Dolphins officially hire Chad O’Shea, Patrick Graham and Jim Caldwell

  1. Damn, Jim took a QB coach job? Not OC, but QB coach. How interesting.

    I guess Flores wants “minorities” on his staff but doesn’t trust one to run his offense even though that is what Jim Caldwell is most qualified for.

    Everyone knows the “assistant head coach” title is used by teams to make their low level hire of someone more qualified than the job given look more acceptable.

  2. I’m not sure what one being a “man of faith” has to do with being an effective football coach. Are the Dolphins trying to resurrect a football program or organize a church?

    This comment does not bode well for the new regime.

  3. freefromwhatyouare says:
    February 8, 2019 at 2:36 pm
    … Everyone knows the “assistant head coach” title is used by teams to make their low level hire of someone more qualified than the job given look more acceptable.

    Bill Belichick was Assistant HC of the NE Patriots in 1996. I doubt Bill Parcells or the hoodie himself considered it a “low-level hire.”

  4. They give the title because they’re only allowed to block interview requests if the job is NOT a promotion. Basically means they can block Caldwell from interviews for just about any position other than Head Coach.

  5. Hate to see O’Shea go and don’t know what the other guys do but Bill wouldn’t have them if they weren’t good. 4 coaches gone already, but bill always seems to find a way.

  6. It looks like New England might get back Danny Amendola, unless Miami is able to restructure that ugly contract.

  7. Smart hire by Flores. Unlike some of these other first time head coaches, he’s not afraid to hire a guy with head coaching experience for his staff. That’s a sign of confidence and intelligence.

    This bodes well for Miami. If the Patriots weren’t in their division, it would be even better.

  8. I just hope we can teach them how to block somebody and score some points on offense so we can play complementary football. 3 of 19 on 3rd down…that’s not going to work.

  9. Caldwell’s experience is going to help. Takes a lot of the daily grind off Flores so he can work with O’Shea and Graham. 1st year head coach can use the help and Caldwell will provide it.

  10. Caldwell stood on the sidelines non-involved as a head coach with the Colts. Cameras on Caldwell always showed him without any interaction at all with the offense. Manning ran the offense. Pretty much the same as with Gase in Denver. I’m skeptical that he will be a positive component of the offense. I’m a Dolphins fan but I don’t get the enamor with Caldwell.

  11. Jim Caldwell did what no other Lions HC could do for decades…back to back winning seasons, a playoff game which they got robbed of win in Dallas. All these negative comments regarding Jim Caldwell smell of racism. Just ignore the contribution he made with the Ravens…came in late as OC and helped them win the SB. The ability for so called football fans to ignore and down play his contributions speaks more of the racists attitudes than it does Jim Caldwell’s ability.

  12. Flores is setting himself & his team up to succeed better than Philbin & Gase. I wish him and his staff all the best.

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