Eric DeCosta thinks Lamar Jackson will help attract free agents

Getty Images

The Ravens are set to part ways with quarterback Joe Flacco one way or another this offseason and that change will bring a big difference in terms of the impact that the quarterback position has on their salary cap.

Flacco’s cap number for 2019 is $24 million more than Lamar Jackson‘s and the difference in cap commitment over the next three years is over $71 million. That leaves a lot of money to spend on other positions and General Manager Eric DeCosta believes that Jackson will help draw free agents to Baltimore.

“I think players respect talent,” DeCosta said, via Jamison Hensley of “I think players respect athletes and competitors. Anyone can watch Lamar Jackson and see how talented he is and what kind of a competitor he is. Players also want to win, and I think that’s something that drives every professional athlete — winning games. I think they’ll recognize that about us. When they watch us play, they’ll want to play here.”

The offense that the Ravens build around Jackson isn’t going to look quite the same as other around the league and DeCosta feels that may offer the team opportunities “to draft some players or add some players that maybe other teams don’t like as much as we do because we’re doing something different.” It’s an intriguing spot for DeCosta to be in during his first offseason in the job and watching the Ravens take shape will be an interesting storyline this offseason.