Report: Bengals get permission to interview Aubrey Pleasant

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The Bengals are working to fill out head coach Zac Taylor’s first staff in Cincinnati and they’ve reportedly received permission to interview a candidate for one of the biggest open roles.

Vincent Bonsignore of The Athletic reports that the Rams have granted the Bengals permission to interview cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant for their defensive coordinator vacancy. Taylor was the Rams’ quarterbacks coach before officially taking the job in Cincinnati this week.

Pleasant has been with the Rams the last two years and was on the Washington staff with head coach Sean McVay from 2013 to 2016. He was an offensive assistant in the first of those seasons and moved to the defensive side of the ball for the final three.

The Bengals spoke to Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers, but it does not appear things will move forward with either one. Several other names have been bandied about, but the Rams connection may make Pleasant a leading contender for the job.

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  1. Neither Caper nor Del Rio wanted any part of being part of the Bengals and non of it has to do with Zac Taylor and everything to do with ownership and lack of front office structure (no real GM and scouting staff is nonexistent)

  2. Last I checked, Del Rio and Capers aren’t getting Defensive Coordinator jobs anywhere. All those jobs are now closed up, and any other job they could be offered will be a downgrade from that. So…crazy idea here…maybe they didn’t want to be a defensive coordinator? I think Del Rio holds out for a Head Coach job, and Capers retires (he’s almost 70). But nah, lets assume it’s because the Bengals stink.

  3. there should have by now been set up a compensation rule every time a team loses a coach. I know it`s rare that a team refuses permission,though it has happened. but for a team to have to keep changing assistant coaches and get no reward other than they did the right thing by the coach whilst the rival team (every other team in the NFL being rival) pays nothing to them.

    for position coaches say a 3rd round pick,a 2nd round pick for co-ordinators.

    if Pleasant stays with the Rams then he would be next in line to become their DC after Wade.

  4. Zac is going to interview his peewee football coach for an open position before it’s all said and done.

  5. I think people are forgetting that the Bengals are late to the game because of not being able to name their head coach until after the Superbowl. So while everyone else was getting their first or second choices, Cincy was left waiting. To me, there needs to be a rule change. If you don’t want to allow coaches to take jobs with other teams until after their team is done playing then why not just make it so no new coaching hires are allowed until after the Superbowl? It seems to me this would level the playing field and allow teams an equal opportunity. And sure, maybe the Bengals are going to bomb for a couple of years. But would that really be a deviation from where they’d be with Marvin Lewis at the helm? The team and coaches may take their lumps for a couple of years because of lack of experience. But these are quality coaches and after getting a season or two under their belts I believe they’ll start to put it together and be successful. And, again, if not are they really going to be any worse off than they have been the last 3 seasons? It’s better to fail trying a new way than to fail doing the same old thing.

  6. If Taylor is going to go all young on his staff he should consider doing what Brian Flores did with the Dolphins and hire a mentor to be his assistant head coach like he did hiring Caldwell. I think somebody like John Fox or maybe his father in law Mike Sherman. Doing something like that for the first year or two could be an immense help.

  7. it still amazes me that all the idiots out there call the Brown family cheap penny pinchers. Why
    don’t you look up how much the teams spend on players, and you will see how dumb you are by spewing the same crap all these other people continue with. The Brown family are right in the
    middle of the pack on player pay. Funny how i never hear about the cheap ass Cleveland team.They
    seem to have 50+ million left over year after year.

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