Antonio Brown ramps up domestic dispute with woman who accused him of misconduct

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Steelers receiver Antonio Brown is taking a big risk, whether he realizes it or not.

Via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Brown has filed for custody of his daughter in the aftermath of the girl’s mother accusing Brown of domestic violence.

Brown’s lawyer, Jaclyn Soroka, has said that Brown hopes to “ensure that his daughter is protected by seeking majority timesharing and decision-making authority.” The effort undoubtedly traces to the January 17 incident, during which Brown allegedly pushed Wiltrice Jackson to the ground in a dispute over money for the child.

Soroka’s statement claims that Jackson made Brown the “subject of misleading and inaccurate headlines of ‘domestic dispute,'” and that she “inappropriately involved the minor child by creating an unnecessary scene at Mr. Brown’s residence wherein she demanded funds from Mr. Brown despite the fact that he provides substantial financial child support to the mother.”

Although Brown wasn’t arrested in connection with the accusation, the NFL is looking into the matter. And the NFL typically gets nowhere with investigations of this matter if the alleged victim refuses to cooperate. With Brown trying to obtain custody of Jackson’s daughter, Jackson may now be even more motivated to fully cooperate with the league.

30 responses to “Antonio Brown ramps up domestic dispute with woman who accused him of misconduct

  1. Where is this clown going to find the time or interest to really care for this child. Sounds to me like he is using his child as a weapon to get back at his ex. Which, if true, makes him the worst kind of human.

  2. This is all about Brown trying to back down the woman by trying a power play for custody, hoping the woman will stand down and shut up, for fear of losing her child.
    Antonio Brown is a punk, and i hope she gets the best attorneys to clean him out.

  3. Seriously??? Every time these things pop up people believe them. She was looking for money when they argued? Sounds right. I’m sure her child support is 10,000 a month or more and he has to pay for a hair appointment? Come on! And I’m a true Raiders fan and it’s terrible what happened in the the past, however we can’t be guilty til proven innocent mended. This is America pal, innocent until proven guilty. And pushing someone out of YOUR doorway when they refuse to leave is hardly domestic violence. Think on that!!!

  4. Definitely a retaliatory power play by Brown. The woman either recants or risks losing her child. He has the financial assets to crush her. Not a good look for Brown.

  5. she “inappropriately involved the minor child by creating an unnecessary scene at Mr. Brown’s residence wherein she demanded funds from Mr. Brown…”
    Basically all she did was take the kid with her in a “this is your child too” emphasis, but given Brown’s penchant for angrily throwing things out of his 14th floor balcony at security guys down below, I agree it was too dangerous for the kid. Good luck with that custody battle AB…

  6. once a punk always a punk. Best way for him to rehabilitate his pathetic image would be to move to Siberia. Hear they have a pretty fair ice football team there.

  7. I will never defend AB or violence against women, BUT it is worth noting that if she has a child support agreement with him, then it’s probably plenty of money to get her hair done. These agreements exist to provide food, clothing, toys, haircuts, etc for the child. She does not get to go demanding more money unless it’s a medical expense. Something tells me she’s spending the child support money on herself, which is not the purpose of it.

  8. I love how people’s opinion of a situation is colored by how they feel a player treated his team. Most of the opinions I’ve read has nothing to do with your understanding of Brown’s family dynamics (which is minimal at best) and everything to do with his behavior the last week of the season towards his team.

  9. Don’t be shocked if the whole story gets revealed and we find out Brown really is trying to protect the child. Maybe Brown really does pay that woman a ton of money to take care of the child, and that women might have some issues that Antonio didn’t make public. It could even be possible the woman might be on drugs and came up to Antonio while she was under the influence, demanding more money so that she could spend in on herself. Perhaps on a drug habit. I have a feeling Antonio knows a heck of a lot more than he’s sharing, and that’s a good move by him. When it comes to children, push all the football stuff aside. Now we’re dealing with a serious issue. It could be a life or death situation that we don’t know anything about. It happens people. It happens. I’ve taken the Steelers’ side these last few months regarding Antonio’s behavior, and I’d trade him if I were running the team. But this poor little innocent child he’s trying to protect, has nothing to do with football.

  10. Every decent father should fight for at least joint custody and 50-50 decision making for his child. You cannot be an effective father when the default judgement is every other weekend and two weeks during the summer. Oh, and you get to pay for all of it.

  11. I’m going to reserve judgement on this until all the facts are out. Irrespective of the outcome, I feel for the 10 year old girl. Assuming she loves both parents, this has to be traumatic.

  12. Are people aware that the kid was actually in the house with Antonio at the time she showed up?

    In other matters that involve the Steelers I’m a lot less sympathetic towards him, but not in this one. A father’s rights matter just as much as the mother’s. I bet she gets more money from him every year than most folks here make with their jobs.

    Please read the entire account of the entire incident before judging it: She definitely picked this fight, entered his property unlawfully and escalated the incident over money she wanted. It’s not him using the child for their own benefit – it’s her.

  13. How’s the saying go ? “You sleep with dogs you get fleas.” Funny thing is sounds like supporters of either side could say it in this case though. poor kid

  14. I’d venture a guess we aren’t talking about upstanding individuals here interested in mutual moral aid and support.
    Not sure why these guys can’t practice safe methods of having fun. It still ends up in the same result, often for a longer period, without the risk of disease or long term financial commitment and drama.

  15. Does he really think a judge is going to give him custody after he has been accused of throwing furniture from the 14th story balcony of a Florida apartment building, which nearly hit a 22-month-old child.

  16. I have a former NFL DB as a client, and the things I noticed about his domestic situation with his now ex-wife is that:
    1) His final year salary was $1 mil.
    2) Alimony paid in that final year was ALSO $1 mil.
    3) Even after he retired at the age of 35, his ex still wanted obscene sums of both alimony and child support despite the fact that guy literally had no real source of income, is suffering the long term effects of CTE, and had gotten ripped off by a former financial advisor.

    Some women who latch onto these guys are real pieces of work.

  17. Who knows what’s really going on. If she asked for money for a haircut then that was wrong. However, he could have handled the situation differently, especially considering he has MUCH more to lose than she does. Using the child to get back at her though, if that’s what is happening, is deplorable. The child custody case is an interesting situation. Given Brown’s behavior the past year I’d be inclined to think the judge might seriously question giving AB custody, since most custody cases clearly and overwhelmingly favor the child going to the mother.

    One thing is for sure, it’s a total mess and AB only has himself to blame for that. Maybe if he weren’t such a pinhead he wouldn’t have all these problems. I don’t feel sorry for AB. I feel sorry for his kids who have been placed in the middle of this mess and that’s the fault of both AB and the mother.

  18. I would HOPE that no judge in his right mind would declare Antonio Brown fit to have custody of his daughter or any of his other kids. All he has to do is look into Brown’s laundry list of bizzare behavior this year alone.

  19. …and using his child as a pawn to get even with his ex or intimidate her into dropping this matter is just plain wrong. The cost of a haircut means nothing to him financially. He’s completely out of control.

  20. If she doesn’t step on AB’s property this never happens. I dont condone the push but I always love how they blame the player without knowing all the facts. She should try and get custody of his kid.

  21. Antonio Brown is merely showing the world how broken the Steelers are as an organization. It’s pure anarchy. Theylet Little Ben lead this team and he has led it into the sewer.

  22. Any male in here that can relate to this is a LOSER! Make poor decisions and let the legal system dictate your lives. Again, what losers you’ve become.

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