Clemson may have given players PEDs, “accidentally”

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College football players don’t get paid, but they do get room, board, tuition, fees, and (most recently) snacks.

Clemson players also may be getting something else — and it ain’t hamberders.

In a stunning revelation from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, three players who tested positive for ostarine before the December 29 semifinal win over Notre Dame may have gotten the banned substance from . . . Clemson.

“I mean, there’s a chance that it could come from anything,” Swinney said, via the Charleston Post & Courier, regarding the possibility that the school gave the substance to the players, who were suspended for the 2018 playoffs and all of the 2019 season. “They’re going to test everything and look at everything. And that’s the problem. As you really look at this stuff, it could be a contaminant that came from anything, that was something that was cleared and not a problem, and all of a sudden, it becomes there was something.”

Swinney and Clemson also may be setting up a defense based on the notion that the players were given an approved supplement that was inadvertently tainted with a banned PED.

“You can research articles, there are a lot of times when things are cleared and end up having a contaminant in it because of where it was processed, the factory it came from, whether there were other things there,” Swinney said. “So there’s a lot of that. There’s a case out there that there was a contaminant at a testing lab. There are lots of different things and the legal people are involved in that.”

There are indeed a lot of different things that can happen, including the most obvious thing: A deliberate attempt to cheat that resulted in the potential cheater being caught.

But if Clemson goes all in with the “our NCAA-approved supplement was spiked” defense (which is still better than “it was me . . . no, wait, it wasn’t me”), Clemson could be admitting that far more than three guys had ostarine in their systems — which could at some point result in Dabo dropping that trophy into a box and sending it to Tuscaloosa, attention Nick Saban.

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  1. The performance enhancer is called Trevor Lawrence. I’ll admit, having Lawrence on your team gives you a huge unfair advantage, similar to what Brady gives the Patriots and what Joe Montana gave the 49ers. But this news is good to know while scouts are watching film on those 2 stud D-Linemen, Ferrell and Dexter Lawrence. I’d say those two need to make sure these questions get answered. In fact, those two guys should go to an independent tester right now and get their names cleared. But it’s 2019 in America. Just about anyone who’s won anything big has been caught cheating. That spans both sports and politics. That’s just where we are right now. While you hope it’s not true, you can’t be naïve. There’s a lot at stake, and it pays to cheat.

  2. The NCAA, TV networks, schools, coaches, assistant coaches, athletic trainers, and many others make big money off these kids. The players, most who never sniff the NFL and many who never finish school, pay all these ridiculous salaries. How is that even legal? They should refuse to suit up during the next college football playoff.

  3. I suspect that if Dabo we’re behind a cheating scandal he would never have mentioned that it could have come from the team, he would have just let his 3 guys rot before bringing up that possibility

  4. dryzzt23 says:
    February 9, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    why are the players always assumed to be the innocent victims of everything that they do?

    Odd angle, considering the converse is almost always the case with the peanut gallery on here and elsewhere.

  5. They know what supplements they were taking around the time of the playoffs and they could easily be tested. The accident was that they were caught.

  6. every college and pro football player is on PEDs. every single one. heck the NFL just gave the superbowl mvp to a guy who was caught for PEDs 8 months ago.

    at some point, these two leagues just have to allow it all to be taken and admit the truth. anybody that thinks their favorite athlete isn’t on PEDs is a fool. they are all on something. it was a problem when i was in high school for crying out loud.

  7. “why are the players always assumed to be the innocent victims of everything that they do?”

    Because most people are smart enough to know that the players have no control what “they do”. The players eat what and where they are told to. They take the drugs the team doctors tell them to. The players have no freedom in anything that “they do” with respect to their bodies.

  8. With so many athletes in so many sports getting caught, you have to assume it’s like holding in football. You do it because most of the time, you don’t get called for it.
    Athletes keep getting bigger, stronger and faster….from better training, nutrition, and supplements that, unlike steroids, don’t cause muscle to grow inordinately by chemical means. That’s hard to believe.

  9. I think Dabo should just let it run its course. I get it that he’s concerned for his players but this smacks of desperation. At this point it’s going to be next to impossible to determine where it came from and if they magically find some tainted supplement more than a month after the tests then why didn’t they figure that out earlier? It’s going to be hard to prove where they got it.

  10. “If the Patriots can do it then why shouldn’t everyone else be allowed to do it?”

    Six days after another Patriots Super Bowl victory and still bitter. I’m worried about your long term health, son. Take care of yourself.

  11. If it was something the team gave the players that was accidentally contaminated then how did only three players test positive ? Thinking this was a not well thought out attempt by Swinney to give Lawrence an excuse when he’s asked about the PEDs when he interviews with NFL teams . What Swinney didn’t realize is his misguided attempt to help just took this issue that most forgot about current again and now it will be all over the media which could prove to be a big problem for Clemson .

  12. Or maybe bc the random as this substance is & is in so many products & there are thousands of products, that they have no idea where it came from. Not to mention it was an extremely small amount it was almost undetectable. There are legit cases where this stuff is food you eat not just supplements. & does anyone remember when Starcaps has to admit they put stuff in there supplements they didn’t advertise? Who’s to say other products, including non supplements don’t do the same? The kids missed a National Title game. A game they clearly didn’t get paid for yet both Universities & the NCAA maid millions from. I’d say their dues are paid.

  13. Goose Goose , the only flaw in your attempted excuse is if this stuff could be ingested from so many products that you claim numbers in the thousands then again how did only 3 players in all of college football test positive ? If what you say was true why haven’t we seen others fail tests prior to this year ? Bottom line the players got caught because either they were surprised by being tested or they screwed up by not getting clean enough before being tested which either way deserves no sympathy .

  14. Actually this is much more like the Steelers and their team doctor regimen of giving horse steroids to everyone for over a decade.

  15. I love that the Patriots ruined the NFL experience for so many fans of other teams. Once upon a time teams like Pittsburgh and Dallas were battling for most SB titles in SB history and along comes this joke franchise that at one point was a notch below the Jets and Bills and … whoa!

  16. eazeback says:
    February 9, 2019 at 12:27 pm
    cant make them send the trophy anywhere…guys were tested and they passed…case closed
    No they weren’t, not every player gets tested. If 3 players were tested and 3 failed based on a supplement they received from the team then it’s a safe bet that others on the team would’ve failed had they been tested.

    All that said the trophy isn’t going anywhere.

    Now the players who have now been suspended for 2019, potentially impacting their draft status and earning potential based on a supplement the school gave them have an interesting case.

  17. I wondered if the NCAA stopped testing Clemson players after the first three positives.
    Can’t suspend the entire team for the championship game, can you.

    I’m laughing.

  18. Anybody that thinks these rednecks are winning legit is not familiar with history

    Clempson was ohh so close to the death penalty in the early 80s because of their blatant cheating

    Also let’s not forget Swine’s previous profession of Real Estate because he was nailed for recruitment violations.

    If you think these roided up freaks are legit your paystub says NCAA.

  19. A new band call the ‘true pretenders’ Staring:
    Tom Brady
    Barry Bonds
    Lance Armstrong
    Roger Clemens
    And the new lead singer…give it up for Marion Jones!!

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