Lions ticket prices largely unchanged for 2019

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The Lions fired their head coach after going 9-7 in 2017 and they went 6-10 in Matt Patricia’s first year on the job, but there’s no sign of second thoughts from the team heading into the 2019 season.

Team president Rod Wood sent a letter to season ticket holders saying that the season fell short of the team’s expectations, but added that “I wholeheartedly believe in the direction of our football team.” They wont be asking many of those season ticket holders for a bigger payout in order to see if that faith is appropriate.

For all but 5,099 seats in Ford Field, the price of tickets will remain the same or decrease by a few dollars. Of the seats that are seeing an increase, 1,579 will be going up by more than $5 per game for the 2019 season.

Wood’s letter also touted the hiring of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and special teams coordinator John Bonamego as reasons to feel good about the future in Detroit. If he’s proven correct, the team might be in position to raise prices on the rest of the tickets come 2020.

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  1. For some context here, the Lions have raised prices each of the last 5 years. Rod Wood, our team president, has indicated this was to “be competitive” off the field. He also indicated prices were in the bottom third of the league (as well as our performance).

    Rod Wood is a pure finance guy. He was the Ford family’s personal finance guy prior to being president of the team. As a season ticket holder, I was shocked they didn’t raise prices. While he has heavily invested in game day experience, he has largely ignored team performance when repricing.

    My tickets were about $250 cheaper when I bought them 7 years ago. This team is on the verge of a third rebuild during that time. It’s getting old.

  2. As a fan since the 60’s, I won’t buy a ticket nor their merchandise until the Lions get serious about winning and get rid of the Ford families hold on the team.

  3. Detriot Lions…no growl and toothless. Just might be the worst NFL franchise of all time. Twho HOF’s walk away from the franchise in frustration. Lame-brained 1st round picks…since 1995 they’ve had 8 winning seasons (reaching 11 wins ONCE). Never played in a SB. Won NFL championship in 1957…
    Lions are extinct.

  4. A friend of mine grew up in Detroit and now lives in Illinois. I’ve gone with him to Lions games in Chicago and Champaign (during Soldier Field renovation)…yup…the game that went to OT, Marty won the toss and elected to kick. We know how that turned out. He goes to every Thanksgiving game too. I think he’s a glutton for punishment!

  5. Ford makes terrible and unreliable vehicles, the fact that the Lions have been so bad historically and are currently the Browns of the NFC shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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