Trent Richardson scores twice in Birmingham romp over Memphis

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It took only three games for an AAF team to pitch a shutout.

The Birmingham Iron steamrolled the Memphis Express on Sunday, with a 26-0 victory at Legion Field. Former Alabama standout Trent Richardson, the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, scored a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns and generated 56 rushing yards.

It was more than enough to overcome Memphis, which trotted out 2016 second-round bust Christian Hackenberg at quarterback. Hackenberg, who has never appeared in an NFL regular-season game, will be in danger of losing his gig to former NFL quarterback Zach Mettenberger if Hackenberg continues to not score points.

The home teams — San Antonio, Orlando, and Birmingham — have one each of the Week One games. Arizona, hosting Salt Lake City, currently leads 8-0 in the second quarter.

13 responses to “Trent Richardson scores twice in Birmingham romp over Memphis

  1. “The home teams — San Antonio, Orlando, and Birmingham — have one each of the Week One games.” Nice proofing of your work – perhaps it should read “have won each of the Week One games.”

  2. Is anyone watching these games?

    The rules play out like this years Pro Bowl, but with less talent.

  3. I’d like to watch these, but after las t night’s nationally televised games, it appears the AAF will be hidden on the NFLN and CBSS channels that nobody gets.

  4. Iv e watch some. Hard to find unless you stream. Enjoyed it so far. Hope a network picks up some games because I won t pay extra to watch.

  5. All of the games were low scoring with defenses way ahead of the offenses. Blocking has been terrible. Singling out Hackenberg as not having a good game is not acknowledging the state of play in general.

    If anybody watched the game, Hackenberg was in a no win situation. The problem was the gameplan was ultra conservative. They ran on every 1st down until the 4th quarter. Most of his pass attempts were in 3rd and long situations.

    The announcers also pointed out that the Memphis WRs couldn’t get open at all. He was pressure nearly immediately on about half his throws. He had a long TD pass called back on a penalty.

    Offenses around the league should pick up after a few games as the OL gets time to gel. Right now QBs have a tough gig

  6. Richardson was a complete bust in the NFL, yet when he scored a TD he celebrated like he was the best thing since sliced bread. Pretty arrogant for a semi-pro player. His celebration ended my 10 minutes of watching and also ended my ever watching this junk again.

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