Vince Young seems to backtrack on apology for DWI

Getty Images

When former NFL quarterback Vince Young was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Monday morning, he offered an immediate response that seemed to suggest he wasn’t going to fight the charge. Now he seems to be backtracking.

David Nuno of ABC 13 in Houston spoke with Young at an autograph show, and Young said he hired a lawyer and would aggressively defend himself.

“We’re going to fight the case. It’s just allegations. Not guilty,” Young said.

That’s a far cry from what Young said earlier in the week, when he released a statement saying, “I deeply apologize for letting my family, my friends and my fans down. With the help of God and my loved ones, I am going to take aggressive actions to make sure this never happens again. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

If these are “just allegations” that Young is not guilty of, it’s unclear what he was apologizing for. It appears that Young’s newly hired attorney wishes Young would have remained silent rather than issuing the initial apology.