2018 fifth-round pick Cole Madison may not return to Packers

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The Packers drafted guard Cole Madison in the fifth round of last year’s draft, but he stepped away from the team before training camp to deal with what was described as a personal matter and did not return before the year was over.

It’s unclear if Madison will return in 2019. Michael Cohen of The Athletic reports that the suicide of his Washington State teammate Tyler Hilinski and subsequent revelation that Hilinski had CTE were the impetus for his decision to remove himself from the game.

General Manager Brian Gutekunst didn’t confirm that was the reason for Madison’s departure, but did confirm that there’s no return date in sight.

“He’s still dealing with some of the things that he was dealing with at the beginning of the season last year,” Gutekunst said. “Obviously we wish him the best and we’d love to, at some point, get him out there on the field to help us. But when that time is going to be, we’re not there yet.”

Cohen reports that the Packers are “navigating the offseason with an understanding” that Madison won’t be in the picture in 2019 either.

19 responses to “2018 fifth-round pick Cole Madison may not return to Packers

  1. “To “return” wouldn’t he have to show up once first?”


    Cole was in Green Bay after the draft for rookie camp and the first full team mini-camp last year.

  2. I can’t imagine dealing with a close friends suicide. I am also quite sure finding out his close friend had CTE and the possibility that may have contributed to his death is part of his struggle with the football part of it.

    I wish Cole the best. While I’d love to have him back April 1st. I will support whatever Cole decides to do.



  3. I have lost a friend to suicide. Its a curse that keeps giving. You wonder so much why they didn’t say anything was wrong, or the hard times they have been there for you, why not let me have a chance help. So many unanswered questions in many cases.

    This young man had one answered… and its making him wonder if ge made the right choices. I know thats always going to ve in the back of your mind, but it is time to make choice on what the next step of your life is gonna be, whether the NFL is involved or not.

  4. I live out here in the Northwest. It’s believed Tyler may have killed himself with Cole’s gun (he’s a hunter). Losing someone close to you to suicide is horrible enough. That would take it to a whole different level.

    Wish the young man well and that he can get through this okay. Football is WAY less important right now.

  5. iejdaniel says:
    February 11, 2019 at 1:27 pm
    I’ve been to GB. Don’t blame him a bit.

    Wow, fight-pickers will show up for anything.

  6. Picking unnecessary fights is that important to Viking trolls? What sad, impatient lives. I’m sure glad I don’t have to try and be a Viking fan. It must be tough.

  7. Tyler’s brother Ryan is star QB and will be playing football at South Carolina starting in the 2019 season.

    Ryan Hilinski:

    “I am going to do everything Tyler wanted to do with football. I’m going to do that for Tyler, to honor him”

    I am a Badger and will never have any strong allegiance to any other program, but I will be rooting for Ryan Hilinski this fall.

  8. Can you imagine the level of work, dedication, and all-encompassing time that is required to compete in the NFL?

    If Cole Madison is having doubts about an NFL career, he will never put in the effort to be successful so I can see why the Packers support his decision either way. Every spring there is a story about some NFL draft pick who changes his mind and while the Packers are out a draft pick, at least they are not out $84 million guaranteed. Got to look at the bright side of things.

  9. I knew it. The guy was from that program where that tragic death happened to that young athlete. It is sad and I understand any kids point of view when it comes to football. During this time when this tragedy occured… Ther was lots of talk about CTE. GM Gute should have done his homework a lot more better. I know personally if I am a GM on a pro team. I am thinking twice about drafting a player from a program that has had anything near CTE and accidents that occured such as this incident. The mental toughness just isn’t that tough these days. It may run people the wrong way but that is what has to happen.

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