Christian Hackenberg “going to keep scrapping” after poor AAF debut

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In the days before he made his debut with the AAF’s Memphis Express, quarterback Christian Hackenberg said he corrected a mechanical flaw in his game and opined that he’s never “thrown the football this good” in his life.

His debut performance did little to support that notion. Birmingham whipped Memphis 26-0 on Sunday and Hackenberg went 10-of-23 for 87 yards and an interception before being pulled in favor of Brandon Silvers. Microphones on the field caught Hackenberg reacting to his difficulties with regular streams of profanity, but he worked cleaner after the game.

“We’re going to keep scrapping. … I’m confident in our coaches. I’m confidence in our players,” Hackenberg said, via “… “I know every single one of those guys in there, and myself included, take it personally and we’ve got to go back to work and make sure we iron those things out.”

Memphis head coach Mike Singletary said the team will figure out whether Hackenberg starts again as the week plays out. Former Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger joins Silvers as the other options in Memphis.

15 responses to “Christian Hackenberg “going to keep scrapping” after poor AAF debut

  1. If Hackenberg is starting in the AAF, it’s another indication of how devoid of talent this league is.

  2. By getting drafted so high my jets completely ruined this kid. He should have never been taken until 6 th round or later. I will never understand what macc was doing here and Hackenbergs name will be trashed for ever it’s too bad

  3. The excuses have been pouring out of this kids mouth since his sophmore year at Penn State. I don’t think he’s as hard as a worker as he wants some people to believe, and if you attended PSU during his time you’ve heard about him and you really don’t feel sorry for where he’s at either lol.

  4. I feel bad for Mike Singletary. The league obviously wants him to use Hackenberg because he has name recognition. His name is always used when they’re promoting the league. Mettenberger isn’t any better. Neither of these guys were even good college QB’s. Go back and watch Hackenberg at Penn State. He was terrible. Just a lot of hype. There were a couple good QB’s on other teams. Perez, and the kid from Arizona. This league is supposed to be about those no-name kids that never got a chance (like Kurt Warner), not the big name guys who have already proven they can’t play. I’ll bet Polian is discussing that right now and getting it fixed. The TV audience will go away fast.

  5. Hackenberg shouldn’t have been a 7th round pick let alone a 2nd round pick! What were the Jets thinking?

  6. He is delusional.

    If you wash out of the NFL then worry about getting a real job.
    He was cut by the Jets after the 2017 season.
    He was horrible and should have banked every dollar he made and gotten a real job, rather than spending money on further training. If your ceiling is a terrible backup QB then why would a team want you?
    If you got cut by the Jets who desperately needed a QB at the time then there is little hope.

  7. Tebow allegedly worked on his mechanical “flaw” and still couldn’t hit the side of a barn (except one lucky pass in OT against the Steelers). It’s not the mechanics, but the decision making and accuracy. Favre had terrible mechanics and his interception record perhaps reflected that. But, his grit, drive, and decision making made him a HOFer. Either you have IT or you don’t. Tebow and Hackenberg are in the latter category.

  8. What a snowflake. He’s already proved he’s worthless. For all of the insults against Tebow, he at least did and could put a team on his back and will a victory or two – just ask the Pittsburgh football team.

    In no way is Hackenstuff even in the same league as Tebow. That is a putrid comparison.

  9. The only throwing he has ever been good at is coaches under the bus. The guy has always had an excuse for not being good.

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