Report: Kyler Murray “probably a little too small” for Giants

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Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray declared on Monday that he is “firmly and fully committing my life and time to becoming an NFL quarterback” as opposed to pursuing a professional baseball career with the Oakland A’s.

That decision will make Murray a closely watched prospect over the next few months as teams determine whether they believe he’s worth a first-round pick in April. One of the concerns that some teams will have is about Murray’s height.

Oklahoma’s football team listed Murray at 5’10” and, as the team name would lead you to believe, that’s reportedly shorter than the Giants would like. Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports, via a team source, that Murray is “probably a little too small” to interest the team and references a quote from Giants head coach Pat Shurmur from last April.

“I fancy guys that are tall. … You’re trying to find sightlines,” Shurmur said. “It’s no different for a quarterback when he is behind a very tall offensive line. All else being equal, as long as all the skill sets are equal or maybe even a little better than equal, guys that can see have a chance to be very good.”

That wasn’t in reference to Murray or any other specific player and there’s a lot of workouts, interviews and other business to conduct before anyone makes any picks in Nashville. If height remains a big issue for the Giants, though, Murray will be heading elsewhere to begin his NFL career.

19 responses to “Report: Kyler Murray “probably a little too small” for Giants

  1. Not only is he short, he’s really light and doesn’t appear to have the frame to put on 30 pounds or so. Wilson is 5’11” but he’s built like a running back and can take the pounding. Murray is a scatback size: 5’9″ and 185.

  2. aaronrodgers618 says:
    February 11, 2019 at 4:37 pm
    Too small. Excellent athlete, but it is a big man’s game for the most part
    I used to hope that until he was too good to do media day and demanded millions from the As. Now I hope he falls to the 7th round and gets drafted by an organization with a terrible coach like Miami.

  3. Shurmur’s posturing. Everyone was saying the same thing this time last year about Mayfield. In college, Baker used his allusiveness to look through the gaps instead of over the heads of his linemen. That seemed to work out ok. Apparently, he’s doing the same in the NFL. Murray can do the same thing.

    The heart and competitiveness of a player can’t be measured, and isn’t diminished by height.

  4. If only the Giants had kept Jared Lorenzen!
    I’m sure they could pry Brock Osweiler away from the Dolphins. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league… at being really tall.

  5. KM is deadly accurate. I wish Denver would take him at #10, but Elway will draft Lock because he’s 6′-4″. Never mind that he’s as wild as a marsh hare. One more whiff at QB may be Elway’s demise. He’s starting to smell like day old fish.

  6. As others have mentioned, the Russell Wilson comparison isn’t a very good one, both because Wilson has 40+lbs of muscle Murray will never have, and style of play.

    I think Doug Flutie is a better comparison, but we’re talking about different eras and different rules that both protect qbs differently as well as favor spread offenses. And it’s not like Flutie was a bust once somebody finally gave him a chance.

    The lack of college experience against good defenses is very concerning, though. And it’s a question no combine/workout/interview will answer. That can only be answered on the field, by a team that takes a huge risk on a tiny man.

  7. In the classic NFL, he definitely would be seen as too small. However, in the modern or ever changing NFL, his height shouldn’t be as much of an issue if the talent is there. More & more teams are playing a majority of snaps out of the shotgun formation. Along with RPO becoming more prevalent.

    If the talent is there, a team will draft him high.

  8. I could see the Phins wanting him at their spot…. i could also potentially see Washington yrying tontrade in front of mia with a team like GB, to get him.

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