Zac Taylor: Bengals job was the top job available

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Of the eight jobs that were available in the 2019 hiring cycle, many would have put Cincinnati at or near the bottom. One guy didn’t.

Coincidentally, he’s the one who got the job.

Zac Taylor tells Peter King of Football Morning in America that Taylor viewed the Bengals job as the best of the bunch.

“A lot of coaches wouldn’t look at this place the way I did among the jobs that were available this year,” Taylor said. “For me, this would be close to the number one job. . . . No. This IS the number one job. It’s exactly what I want in a coaching job, everything I hoped for.”

Taylor spent a year in the city working for the University of Cincinnati, and he said that he and his wife “fell in love” with the town. He also believes in the Bengals organization.

“The Brown family is very big on loyalty in a cut-throat, bottom-line, dog-eat-dog league, when often you might just get two years to turn a program around,” Taylor said. “I just felt this was the right place at the right time. They hadn’t changed coaches in 16 years, and if they were going to change, this organization had the values I embraced.”

The son-in-law of former Packers coach Mike Sherman, Sherman advised Taylor to be himself. That’s becoming a common theme among NFL coaches. Whether they succeed or not, the carousel will spin every year — and multiple coaches will end up no longer being coaches.

Although the Bengals may be more patient than other teams, Taylor will need to win a certain number of games in order to remain employed over the long haul.

8 responses to “Zac Taylor: Bengals job was the top job available

  1. I’ve read that the Cardinals and Broncos were also very interested in hiring Taylor but he quickly decided on the Bengals, so this isn’t just talk by Taylor. The Bengals are also very loyal to their players and rarely cut a guy under contract. That being said the Bengals can’t be as patient with Taylor as they were with Lewis because their fan base has been frustrated and losing interest. Taylor and the Bengals are a good match and hopefully it works out for both.

  2. No doubt he’s right about that. And for an offensive guy getting AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Eifert (provided they re-sign), James Mixon, Gio Bernard and a veteran qb like Andy Dalton who already has his timing down with these guys. Not a bad deal at all for Taylor. He could have done much worse than loyalty plus a top 10 group of skill position guys.

  3. Taylor is right.

    The tight end-less 2018 Cincinnati Bengals offensive line was TERRIBLE.

    Yet… Andy Dalton had the 17th most touchdowns in the nfl.

    If you give this guy a tight end… you will win games.

  4. He will have time to build his program and will have a say in roster composition. Coupled with some talent in spots. His statement isn’t outrageous

  5. He’s absolutely right. The day after the Super Bowl when he was hired Cincy was the No. 1 job available. Unfortunately 1 month prior Cincy was the 7th or 8th best job available.

  6. 1. They have an established QB with a winning record.
    2. They have star players at the skill positions (AJ Green, Boyd, Mixon, Gio)
    3. They have studs on the defensive line (Atkins, Dunlap)
    4. They have a ton of cap space to improve the o-line and linebackers, which are really the only weaknesses.
    5. They have 11 picks in this years draft.

    Aside from Green Bay – which has an aging/declining Aaron Rodgers – which job was clearly better? I’ll wait.

  7. Wait till they go 2-6 and then lets ask young Taylor if it was the #1 job.
    The only thing good about this job is that he can have it for quite a long time and there are no expectations from management as they are clueless.

  8. Taylor will be on a short leash. I believe the Bengals want to sell the team in 2025-2026 when the stadium lease is up. Mike Brown will be 90 years old then and will want to cash in. (Goodbye Cincy – new owner will move the team to another city, perhaps why they haven’t asked for a new stadium). To maximize the value of the team for the future sale, the Bengals need to be well over 0.500, if not a playoff team. This will be confirmed if they start signing top 10 free agents as they can’t fix the team in two years via only the draft and bottom tier free agents. Dalton, AJ Green and Geno Atkins will be well past their prime in two years and have to be replaced. Tough to do.

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