Antonio Brown bids farewell to Pittsburgh

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It’s not clear that he’s leaving, but it’s definitely clear that he’s saying goodbye.

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown has taken to Twitter to bid farewell to Pittsburgh. “Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years…time to move on and forward,” Brown said, adding the deuces emoji and #NewDemands.

The message means either that the Steelers have reached an agreement in principle to trade Brown to a new team, or that he simply has decided to take matters into his own hands.

If it’s the latter, things could get interesting quickly. He’s under contract for three more years, and the Steelers have shown no inclination to cut him, if they can’t trade him.

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  1. Imagine how giddy he is at the thought of getting paroled from a trash heap city like Pittsburgh. Just no amount of money worth living some places…

  2. Remains to be seen what this offense will look like in 2019 but Juju without AB struggled in week 17 at home against a JV Bengals defense devoid of starters.

    Doesn’t mean that’s a sign of things of to come, but they’ll need people like Washington to step up and maybe not run Conner into the ground this year by drafting a compliment to him.

    It’ll be interesting keeping up with the Kardashians I mean Steelers this offseason!

  3. Hopefully, this arrogant idiot sits on the sideline for a season or two and then is forced to re-sign a league minimum contract just to get himself back into the NFL.

  4. #NewDemands? After recently signing a megabucks contract and being the #1 receiver for a top contender?

    Try #DiminishingReturns, pal.

  5. At least he’s telling them now, so they can draft his replacement. Should be plenty of good WR options at the Steeler’s draft position.

  6. Whichever way the Antonio Brown saga ends up (traded or not traded) there will be people happy and unhappy with the outcome. My opinion is the Steelers overall would be better off trading him for draft picks. If that happens the AB drama ends. But overall the drama hasn’t ended. I’m not using the word “drama” because posters like to use it to troll. But the word is appropriate. I think back to LeGarrette Blount situation in 2014, the Le’Veon Bell situation last year, the stories about Ben’s talks with the media, and now we have the AB situation. Not all of these can be attributed to Tomlin or management or ownership. But collectively those 3 need to figure this out. We don’t see these kind of situations with other teams. Just my 2 cents.

  7. What a loser. All over a clash of egos and Tomlin being a loser himself.

    IMO, this goes more towards Rooney and Colbert for allowing this to happen.

    Pitt has always been in love with themselves which is why this stuff happens.

  8. Kamala-Harris/2020🇺🇸 says:
    February 12, 2019 at 12:52 pm
    jackn2482 says:

    February 12, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    I’d be so over this as a Pittsburgh fan.
    Yep because #1 WR are so easy to come by, and a clutch one @ that!!!

    Because nothing says clutch like walking out on your team in a childish tantrum before a must win Week 17 game.

    Not that it mattered when all was said and done.

  9. Has he forgotten that he still has 3 years left on his contract? just because he WANTS to leave doesn’t mean he will if the Steelers can’t get something for him

  10. He just killed any trade leverage the Steelers had…. No way any teams offer them as high a pick now. They know Steelers are desperate to dump him now…. That is unless something is already in place and we just don’t know it yet.

  11. Teams that routinely cut players because they have been accused (but not yet convicted or even charged) with domestic violence will not want to trade for him because they will take a cap hit if they cut him as soon as he has been accused.

  12. I’ve done an analysis and based on his maturity and his off field behavior, the best team to send him to is the Steelers.

  13. The Steelers always manage to find good receivers in the draft (unlike NE, unfortunately). They’ll be better without his drama. Tomlin needs to kick some ass, or he’ll get the boot next year.

  14. Man it must suck to play with Ben. He gets a free pass on everything from wreckless behavior (motorcycle accident), immoral dealings outside of work (sexual assault), and a lack of true commitment to the franchise (will i or won’t i retire), and a penchant for making family business a radio talking point (his weekly show) and is never the guy anybody points fingers at. I don’t get it.

  15. Man it must suck to play with Ben. He gets a free pass on everything from wreckless behavior (motorcycle accident), immoral dealings outside of work (sexual assault), and a lack of true commitment to the franchise (will i or won’t i retire), and a penchant for making family business a radio talking point (his weekly show) and is never the guy anybody points fingers at. I don’t get it.

  16. Biggest diva in the league, and that’s quite an accomplishment considering how many WR and Corners divas there are.

  17. This guy realizes that every time he opens his mouth, he diminishes his trade value, making a trade less likely, right?

  18. webofbelief says:
    February 12, 2019 at 12:48 pm
    With Bell and Brown gone, the Steelers may finally be able succeed again.

    Without Bell they could not make the playoffs. Now subtract Brown and the situation is even worse. Ben isn’t getting any younger and the Browns are ready to break loose. Good luck Steelers.

  19. sigbouncer says:
    February 12, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    Steelers showed that they were more than willing to play hardball with Le’Veon Bell.
    Brown had better hope he knows something the rest of us don’t.
    How did they play hardball with Bell? By placing the franchise tag on him in 2017 for $12.5 million and doing the same for the bargain bin price of $14.5 million? For a RB? Bell was just to dumb to take it this past year. The Steelers, Rams and Cardinals broke the bank for RB salaries. It may blow up it the Ram’s face with Todd Gurley by giving him an average contract of $14.3 million.

    Tough for the Steelers to trade Brown with a cap hit of around $21 million this year if they trade him.

  20. Epitome of an ENTITLED child: I don’t need to follow the law or listen to my employer. Why can’t I have a wife and an instagram model side chick and three baby’s mamas? I don’t care if we win if I don’t get the ball. Check out my td dance…I’m awesome!!!
    This guy has so much more than most people on this earth but it’s not enough. I’ve seen people on their deathbeds more grateful than this guy. I guess it is its own reward because he will never know happiness (or sanity or intellect).

  21. Um, winning has bid farewell to Pittsburgh!
    Three things.
    No A Brown
    No L Bell
    And Ben was ALREADY on the fence about not coming back LAST season. I can’t imagine why he would want to come back and try again withou the two best position players in the league!

    Ok- a fourth. Tomlin’ seat just keeps getting hotter, so why would Ben want to take the blame for bad coaching decisions. Tomlin , if HE even wants to stay, will be deflection master at every presser to save his own arse

    Split up this trio of players, most likely to the NFC, and it will completely change the league. AFC is having a hard enough time against belecheat.

    Flacos demise, daltons age, and Pitts dumpster fire will leave a young Browns team to be that divisions leader for the next 4 years.

  22. The Steelers are their own worst enemy. The guy is a pain in your A$$! He wants out. Trade him and move on. He had good trade value. The more you try to stick it to him, the more he opens his mouth. The more he opens his mouth, the less he’s worth in trade…and the more impossible it is for him to return. Grow up and be the adults in the room. Between this and the Bell situation, I don’t know who would want to be a part of that organization right now. All sides are wrong. Hot mess.

  23. this is the NFL player of today paid 32 million so far and you want traded, cause you did not get your way.

  24. As a Pats fan I remember reading that Josh Gordon was leaving the team a few weeks go and thinking their chances to win this year were gone with him.

    The point being I think Pittsburgh might well be better off without AB, both on and off the field.

  25. I can’t imagine the riots if the Patriots go up 7-6 in number of Super Bowl wins. They survived surges from the 49ers in the 80s and Dallas in thr 90s — and even tacked on two more of their own to give themselves what at the time was some distance from the Patriots.

  26. He needs to learn the grass isn’t always greener. He’s played with a HOF QB his entire career. Trade him to the Dolphins and we’ll see how good he is.

  27. i am not a steeler fan, but i would love to see the steelers win the super bowl next year after bell and brown leave. that would be hilarious from a football fan perspective.

  28. kevpft says:
    February 12, 2019 at 12:59 pm
    At least he’s telling them now, so they can draft his replacement.
    The reason for this recent drama is that he fears they already have.

  29. Steelers are in for the most embarrassing season since 1969. No coincidence that it’s the 50th anniversary of that 1-13 debacle. Wouldn’t be surprised if they go 0-16. That unruly, uneducated fan base deserves to be humbled by eight straight home losses.

  30. You know the problem with cheating with another man’s woman? Even if you steal her away, all you get is a woman who will cheat. What’s the point? And so it is with Antonio Brown. He might find another team to play for. He’s a great receiver, and he is still in the prime of his career. But any prospective team is going to ask themselves: “Is he worth it? Is it worth the money to get a star player who will skip championship games if he get’s his ego bruised at practice?”

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