Antonio Brown faces no league scrutiny for reckless driving

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It’s been a bad offseason for Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, but here’s an item of good news.

According to the NFL, Brown will face no league scrutiny for reckless driving arising from driving his car in excess of 100 mph.

The Personal Conduct Policy includes general language that arguably would apply to driving at that rate of speed in the area of Pittsburgh where the incident occurred, which isn’t a four-lane undivided highway. The policy refers to “irresponsible” behavior that puts others at risk, and specifically prohibits “[c]onduct that poses a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of another person.”

Brown faces a separate league investigation for a recent incident that sparked allegations of domestic misconduct. He also has a tenuous position with the Steelers, although he apparently would prefer a change of scenery.

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  1. I believe the Panthers rookie WR DJ Moore was speeding in excess of 100 miles an hour in a work zone no less earlier this year. Didn’t hear anything from the league on that either.

  2. dfwhawkguy says:
    February 12, 2019 at 12:44 pm
    And why should he? Typical Steeler…


    Must be nice living under a rock. Since you seem to be unaware, pretty unlikely AB’s playing for the Steelers again at this point, so it’s not like the league is doing the team any favors.

  3. “conduct unbecoming of a normal human being”

    topping out at 100mph is a huge risk to society at large. Has to be some consequences beyond a few hundred $

  4. I find this confusing since I thought he traveled everywhere by chauffeured 1930s Rolls Royce. Hopefully he didn’t have to let Mr. Buttersworth go.

  5. If the personal conduct policy doesn’t apply to Giants QBs forging game memorabilia to defraud NFL fans, and only hands out a fine to a Ravens linebacker for lying to police and obstruting a double homicide investigation, how does a case of speeding on a highway qualify?

  6. It really depends on where. There are plenty of back roads I’d do whatever my car would do and not feel unsafe (off hours good visibility etc). US 5 in Nevada (two lane road) you can see literally for miles, the only thing there are sheep behind fences and signs with “Next gas 200 miles” So it depends where. Not all two lane roads are equal.

  7. Shocking, brown should be suspended for minimum of 6 he’s already investigated for violence which should be 6 and then the reckless driving at least 2. Goodell really needs to be forced out after that debacle with zeke.

  8. If I was offered a job and the boss said “oh, by the way, if you get a speeding ticket we’ll suspend you” I would laugh my way right out the door.

    People around here are crazy with the nonsense about the level of control they think the league should have over players’ lives. And no, I don’t care how much they’re making.

  9. June 2018 Jets Robby Anderson, plead guilty to reckless driving. No suspension or PFT article calling for one.
    Aug 2018 Panthers DJ Moore, reckless driving, No suspension or PFT article calling for one.
    Feb 2018 Bucs Jamie’s Winston, reckless driving and crashing into another car, No suspension or PFT article calling for one.
    Mar 2016 Saints Damian Swann charged reckless driving, no suspension or PFT article calling for one.

    PITTSBURGH Antonio Brown, reckless driving. The league need to scrutinize that!!! Personal Conduct Policy has language to suspend him!!!

  10. “pretty unlikely AB’s playing for the Steelers again at this point, so it’s not like the league is doing the team any favors.”

    Um, if he were to be suspended for this it would make it harder for them to trade him and harder to get what they want in return. This is indeed a favor for the Steelers

  11. He’s an idiot, if driving over 100mph isnt endangering people, I am not sure what is.
    It will be nice when we don’t have to hear about him anymore.

  12. Oh my. So many perfect drivers on this page! I’m impressed. Antonio Brown annoys me, and there are a lot of teams I don’t like, but I can’t comment on speeding because … well, I’ve done that one myself. But I’ll file away that so many people believe speeding should = suspension because I’m pretty sure this one will come up again with players from other teams. 🙄

  13. Lol. Can’t believe so many people are offended by someone driving 100mph. Probably the same ones that drive 85 on the interstate everyday.

    If you have a decent rig (I am assuming AB has) you push the gas and you are doing 100mph. Isn’t like it is a hard target to hit. My 5.0 Mustang can go 70-120 in a heartbeat with no effort at all, just push the gas. It is not like going 100 is crazy in a sports car with lots of horsepower. Now if you are driving your moms station wagon (like a lot of posters here must experience) it might be crazy to push it to 100mph. AB sports car… not so much. Nothing to see here.

  14. Anyone who thinks this is a Steelers issue need to get therapy. He drove a car, doesn’t appear to have been drunk. He didn’t beat a woman (Ray Rice), he didn’t kill anyone (Aaron “The Patriot Way” Hernandez”). He did something that would be a $300 ticket in most jurisdictions and defensive driving school. Idiotic? Yes. But if we expect the NFL to come down on literally everything a player does while not “on the clock” when the rest of society really doesn’t? Yeah.

    For the record, my employer wouldn’t fire me for reckless driving, and I drive a company car.

  15. Like the person above said, it depends where. The beltway around my local city is like the Autobahn when it’s not locked up with work traffic. You drive whatever speed you’re comfortable with. The only time the police are out there is to clean up messes.

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