Bears’ Taylor Gabriel on playing Lions: “Easy W”

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Bears wide receiver Taylor Gabriel thinks Thanksgiving in Detroit should be no sweat.

Responding on Twitter to the news that the NFL is expecting to make Bears-Lions this year’s Thanksgiving game in Detroit, Gabriel wrote that the Bears will win.

“Easy W don’t worry,” Gabriel wrote.

Gabriel later deleted the tweet, likely when someone told him not to give the opponent easy bulletin-board material. But it’s easy to see why Gabriel is feeling so confident, as the Bears did sweep the Lions last season.

30 responses to “Bears’ Taylor Gabriel on playing Lions: “Easy W”

  1. Easy Taylor. The Bears need to string together multiple winning seasons before you can talk like that. Correction, it’s never good to talk like that.

  2. These players just never learn that Twitter is a place where they can only get themselves in trouble.
    As for the Bears getting an easy “W” against the Lions, if that’s the rest of his teams’ attitude, they will take a big step backward this year. You never over look any team in the NFL.

  3. Never liked trash talking, especially a divisional opponent in February. Bet your bottom dollar this will come back to haunt you Gabriel if you lose the game.

  4. Gabriel must have a lot of confidence in his teamates because nobody is game planning againt him.

  5. What a fool. I’m sure Pace or Nagy gave him an unexpected phone call. Why complicate that “easy W”, Taylor? If something is easy, there’s no need to talk about it.

    Now it won’t be easy, because now the Lions have 9 months to use your obnoxious bravado as motivation. Nice goin.

  6. As a Bears fan…you haven’t really done a dang thing yet. Sure we you won the North. Are you happy with that? Stay humble and make another run next year, fool.

  7. ariani1985 says:
    February 12, 2019 at 6:53 am

    And for 3 straight years the lions swept the packers!
    Let that sink in.


    2 straight years… and it is more and indictment on the Packers than the dominance of the Lions…

    As for Gabriel, he’s the 4th receiving option on his own team. His opinion is mute.

  8. Great bulletin board material for the Lions locker room….and theeen… Matt Patricia puts the headset on at kickoff. And Gabriel proves to be correct.

  9. So you finally beat the Lions after losing 8 in a row and now you think you’re the man? You barely squeaked out that win against their worst squad of the last 8 seasons and that was your best team of the decade. The Lions new-look defense will make Mitchell look like Mitchell again which is the equivalent of Super Bowl Goff.

  10. I don’t even have the time to explain the ridiculousness of that statement. This iteration of the Bears peaked in 2018. They’ll miss the playoffs in 2019.

  11. Just poor form. I’m a Bears fan and I just don’t like this. Even if the Bears had won 12 straight against the Lions this would be bad. Not because it will cause the team to lose but, because it is bragging. Worse than that it is bragging about nothing.
    Not surprising though as modesty has all but disappeared as a desired trait in our modern day US.

  12. How dare he express confidence! He may look dumb if they loose.

    But that is probably not going to happen.

    The tide has turned. Get used to loosing to the Bears, again.

  13. I’m calling it, Bears miss the playoffs next year. They got lucky the division was in a down year.

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