Chris Thompson: We know it’s probably not going to happen for Alex Smith this year

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A report that Washington is planning to play without quarterback Alex Smith during the 2019 season was dismissed as “nonsense” by team president Bruce Allen last month.

Allen couldn’t rule Smith in for next season, however, and one of Smith’s teammates believes the compound leg fracture that Smith suffered will push any possible return to 2020. Running back Chris Thompson doesn’t sound like he knows anything for sure, but, unlike Allen, is willing to admit that planning for life without Smith seems the logical course of action right now.

“We know and understand that it’s probably not going to happen that we have him this year,” Thompson said, via NBC Sports Washington.

There have been talks with Josh Johnson about signing a new deal with the team, but Colt McCoy is set up as the likely No. 1 unless Smith’s recovery takes a rapid turn for the best. Should there be a move that bumps McCoy down a rung, it would be a clear sign that Thompson’s view is on the money.

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  1. “was dismissed as “nonsense” by team president Bruce Allen last month.”

    Put more accurately:

    “team president Bruce Allen was dismissed as “nonsense” last month”

  2. We talk all the time about how NFL teams need to not reveal their plans and often say one thing then do another. Be it talk up players they have no interest in drafting, in the hopes someone else above them does. This would help a player they covet possibly drop to them. They will mess with the injury report. Avoid naming their top coaching candidate so if they hire their second choice they can claim he was who they wanted all along. Even though it is obvious he wasn’t. PFT does a great job of pointing out these little dances.
    But then when the Redskins do it here with their QB situation, it is met with surprise.

  3. If you go with Colt McCoy and Josh Johnson you’re basically signaling to your team that you’ve already given up on the 2019 season.

  4. Bruce Allen is an idiot. He makes Goodell look serviceable as an exec. Anyone with any sense knows Alex Smith is 90% certain to be out until late season at best. There’s maybe a 40% chance he even plays again. Lying to your fan base to sell tickets is fraudulent at worst, disingenuous at best. The Redskins need talented, honest, people leading this organization. Unfortunately with Dan Snyder in the corner office, people with those traits won’t come here nor are they particularly desirable to the FO.

  5. The gamesmanship to throw other teams off the scent works when your bluff is actually plausible. Allen claiming Smith could be ready for this season, however … no one is buying that, which is why it’s ridiculed.

  6. I’ll clear up once again why Washington isn’t trading for Flacco, Dalton, Tannehill, Foles, or anyone like that: They basically can’t.

    Smith is $21M on the cap, McCoy is another $4M and Flacco’s $24M or even Dalton’s $16M just makes the QB room unsustainably expensive, especially since they only have $20M in cap space.

    They realistically have maybe $8M to spend on additional QBs and even that’s a stretch. More plausible is a trade for a low-salary current backup like Brissett or Mullens, signing someone like Bridgewater or Tyrod Taylor to a very modest deal, or just drafting a QB.

    The rumors about Flacco, Dalton, et al have mostly just been wishful thinking from other teams’ fans imagining how to unload the QB they no longer like.

  7. Just draft a QB, that’s the only logical thing to do. Alex Smith was never going to win them anything. He is just an older Kirk Cousins who throws the prettiest check down passes you will ever see. That seems to be the standard for throwing alot of money at a QB these days, the ability to throw check down passes.

    At least Alex didn’t patent a phrase like Kirk “You vike that?” Cousins.

  8. “Should there be a move that bumps McCoy down a rung, it would be a clear sign that Thompson’s view is on the money”

    Actually, should there be a move that bumps McCoy down a rung, it most likely would be a clear sign that Thompson’s view is NOT on the money and that Smith will return.

  9. Allen is still trying to sell season tickets so he has to lie to his base in order to sell. Sounds like a certain politician who lied about getting another country to pay for his pet project.

  10. Reminds me of that whole “Hey, Luck just opened a car door without screaming” thing the Colts did for two whole years just to sell tickets.

  11. Not a redskins fan and feel kind of “meh” about Alex Smith as a QB, but you have to feel a little sorry him and redskins fans and I do.

    I did find it hilarious though the comment that fans wanting guys like Flacco and Dalton as “wishful thinking”.

    I guess it really can’t get much worse lol.

  12. Christian Hackenburg will soon be available.
    Maybe. But Nathan Peterman is available now.

    To be serious for a minute, I feel for Washington fans. Its gotta be rough.

  13. Chiefs fan here. That Alex deal was horrible when he was healthy. He’s just not worth that much money under any circumstance. Now you’re totally screwed at the position for the foreseeable future. This was the Chiefs move for the last 30 years. It sucks.

  14. I feel for the next QB that has to play behind that putrid offensive line. Can’t run block. Can’t pass block. But they do eat their vegetables!

  15. To Vikings1234

    It is not tough being a Numbskins fan – those of us with intelligence divorced our team before last season. Those left are idiots who are indeed miracles – too stupid to be alive and proving breathing is not a sign of life.

    The demise of this team can go back to 2012 when the team squandered four draft picks for a fake QB – and those picks could have been churned into multiples in trading down to stock the team up with young people who have skill and integrity. Instead this team added gutless and dirty players who have no talent or skill. And when the team had a player, it threw him away to pickup untalented old people.

    The Washington Numbskins deserve contempt. And I enjoy watching them implode after giving them 47 years of my life waiting for the Great Pumpkin to rise out of the post Joe Gibbs years.

  16. @Prescott, aren’t you going to give everyone women’s names and talk about Chubs Gruden and Camp Snowflake? Or did you finally realize that your chat performance is even more embarrassing than the team we watch?

  17. Snakes don’t live with other creatures. Snakes only cohabitate and snuggle with other snakes. This is what makes Snyder and Bruce Allen perfect for each other. They are why the Redskins were voted the 5th worst most hated company in America!

  18. Winning off the field would mean that Allen never spoke at a press conference again (nor participated in any draft, trade or free agent singing.)

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