It doesn’t sound like a Golden Tate contract extension is in the works

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Wide receiver Golden Tate said last month that he is hopeful that his time with the Eagles is “not coming to an end” after the impending free agent joined the team in a midseason trade with the Lions.

Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said he felt good about trading a third-round pick for Tate despite middling production –30 catches for 278 yards — from Tate during the regular season. He didn’t say anything about the team’s plans on the extension front and a tweet from Tate on Monday suggests he hasn’t said anything to the wideout either.

Tate responded to a tweet about the Falcons signing linebacker Bruce Carter to a one-year extension by writing that it was “good to know” that “you don’t have to wait until March to sign extensions.”

The Eagles aren’t laden with cap space at the moment and that obviously impacts their ability to hold onto Tate while making other moves to set the team up for the 2019 season. They can maneuver their way to more space, but that may not leave Tate any likelier of sticking around for a full year in an Eagles uniform.

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  1. This trade hurt Tate’s value. If he finished with the Lions and had his average year (91 catches, 1050 yards) he would’ve been able to cash in again. He was well on pace to exceed these numbers before the trade. Hope the Lions can resign him for a fair deal for 2-3 years. Great hands and solid on 3rd down.

  2. Golden Tate was my favorite Lion the entire time he was here, but I am so glad they didn’t overpay him. He’s probably worth $8-10 million a year. He want’s to be paid for his past performance.

  3. It can’t be. They wasted a draft pick for their rebuild and are in a cap hell.

    This will be like the Ravens. A very deep fade out of cap hell, as they try to mask it for years.

    Won’t work.


  4. coreycroom says:
    February 12, 2019 at 9:37 am
    Seahawks, Lions, and Eagles all willing to walk away from Tate despite the production and talent. Interesting.


    Indeed it is. I’ve wanted to figure Tate for a talent-free bum ever since that Fail Mary nonsense but I just haven’t been able to do it. He keeps blowing that narrative up with his play.

    Thank Jebus he won’t admit it was a clean pick… because if he did, I might even be forced to like the guy… and that would really grind my gear (yes I said gear, not gears. Multiple gears in a cabbage would be ridiculous).

    Lettuce Pray

  5. He was a real disappointment for the Eagles. I was excited when they added him but he didn’t do much other than the WC game against the Bears.

  6. elvis2013 says:
    February 12, 2019 at 9:29 am
    Eagles wasted a 3rd round draft pick on this one.


    What most people don’t realize, is that if the Eagles let him walk, they will most likely get a 4th round Compensatory pick… which means they really will only give up 1 round in the draft for the Tate trade that was “so terrible” … Moving from 3rd round to 4th round in 2019 draft was hardly a bad trade, for a guy who could have sparked the offense… didn’t work out as well as planned, but its not a huge price to pay!

  7. he will get big money and the eagles will get a comp pick next year likely a 3rd in 2020. i dont think the eagles used him properly, but he wasnt the same with the lions this past year either so its meh. someone will pay.

  8. Total speculation, but I’ve heard Tate could replace Hogan in NE and they’ll run an offense with essentially 3 slot receivers when combined with Edelman and James White.

    If Gronk retires, Tyler Eifert is the leading “prove you still have it” signing.

    With a ton of draft picks, this should be another fascinating “rebuild on the fly” season for the Pats.

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    February 12, 2019 at 9:05 am
    It can’t be. They wasted a draft pick for their rebuild and are in a cap hell.
    This will be like the Ravens. A very deep fade out of cap hell, as they try to mask it for years.
    Won’t work.
    Hubris is thinking that you’re an expert because you happen to be a NE fanboy. Howie has turned out to be a very good GM, although the jury was out earlier, until he got acquitted by his team they handled the Pats in LII. Congrats to your favorite team for getting another ring (LIII- they did good), but don’t interpret team success as a validation of your GM chops, stick to bagging groceries/pumping gas, and one day maybe you get discovered by AAFL.

  10. “He was a real disappointment for the Eagles”

    I think that had more to do with how they used him than Tate’s play. Mike Groh (OC) didn’t quite know how to integrate Tate into their offense. Therefore, he looked out of place and only marginally effective most of the time. A full year in the system could do wonders for Tate. However, he probably won’t get that chance. The Eagles will have to choose between Tate and Agholor and will end up keeping the one who will agree to the most team-friendly deal.

  11. Not a disappointment on the birds, had he been given a training camp with the team, the results may have astounded everyone.

    If he was in all the games in the past season, he may have made 8 to 10 more critical first downs. He went 30 for 278 in just 8 games, not crushing, but it was a new system, new team. But Philly could have used that extra 30 for 278 yards in the first 8 games. That’s all it would have taken to get to 11 or 12 wins (versus 9 regular season wins. I’m thinking that any three of the Bucs, Titans, Vikings, Panthers and either Dallas game… Any of those would have been different with 1 or 2 more sustained drives).

    Just saying, he’s a great quality player, and he did some things very well, given time to gel, he may be a better option for Philly and a slightly lower price per year than Nelson

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