Matt Bryant thinks Buccaneers are a real option

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Kicker Matt Bryant was cut loose by the Falcons last week after he said he had no plans to stop playing and his view on his future hasn’t been shaken by his change in employment.

It wasn’t long after Bryant hit the open market that people raised the possibility that he could return to the Buccaneers. Bryant played in Tampa from 2005 to 2008 and he still owns a home in the area.

Bryant told Vaughn McClure of that he believes the Bucs are a “real option” for him to play in the 2019 season and he also suggested that he’s looking to keep going longer than that.

Bryant said he thinks he has three years left and making 20-of-21 field goals and 33-of-35 extra points last season backs up the notion that he’s got something left to offer on the field.

6 responses to “Matt Bryant thinks Buccaneers are a real option

  1. I LOVE Matt. I was there they day he hit that 62 yarder to beat the Eagles in 2006, one of the only highlights of that dreadful season. I always hated that the Bucs sent him packing, leaving us fans to watch him play so well for the Falcons all these years.

    That said, man, I don’t know. He seems to be getting hurt a lot now. Can he make it through a season unscathed? I’m leery.

  2. The Bucs never should have let him go, he was,”is” still a Special kicker. I also was there when he kicked that 62 yard field goal to beat the Eagles. It was one of the best games I ever attended.

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