Report: Tucson and Birmingham want to share the Raiders

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The NFL would like the Raiders to find a home for the 2019 season soon.

And if scheduling wasn’t enough of a reason why, stopping the flow of crazy talk might be valid too.

According to a report in the Arizona Daily Star, the cities of Tucson and Birmingham, Ala. want to split hosting duties for the Raiders in 2019.

What could possibly go wrong?

The “plan” would involve chopping up the seven regular season home games the Raiders have left (they’re already playing one in London) between the University of Arizona’s Arizona Stadium and Birmingham’s Legion Field (which is currently in use for an AAF team).

Tucson attorney Ali Farhang reportedly reached out to Raiders owner Mark Davis about the idea, and now Birmingham city council president pro tem William Parker has joined him in an effort for more talks. Or, talks, as the case may be.

The Raiders don’t have a lease to play in Oakland this year. Their stadium in Las Vegas is a year away from being ready. They’ve kicked around ideas including playing in baseball stadiums, but nothing has been firmed up.

It’s bad enough for the league to be waiting this long to know where one of its teams is playing, but splitting games between decidedly non-NFL markets is ridiculous. Then again, perhaps the league could turn it into a season-long cross between Hard Knocks and National Lampoon’s Vacation, with cameras on Jon Gruden 24-7 as he spans the globe and eventually punches the moose.

30 responses to “Report: Tucson and Birmingham want to share the Raiders

  1. The opposing teams get a cut of the revenue. I’m sure they’d be thrilled about playing in minor-league baseball towns.

  2. What a joke of a franchise. If not for the fans, which he doesn’t care about, Davis should figure this out for the players.

    As to the idea in this story, forget it. Every game would be an away game from a travel perspective.

    It’s pretty obvious the NFL Circus has taken up off season residency at this franchise.

  3. Son-of-Al doesn’t have enough active brain cells to realize what an embarrassment he’s made a once-proud franchise.

  4. Listening to these guys claim they’d be the ones with a 20 year dynasty if only a particular NFL rule hadn’t existed and had not been applied to the one situation it specifically addressed is like listening to a drunk uncle ramble on about how he’d have won the lottery if he’d only made it to the store that day, bought a ticket, and if all 6 of the numbers had been different.

  5. LOLOLOLOLOL @ Birmingham trying to get the Raiders. Birmingham has tried (& mostly failed) trying to be a big league, professional sports town since the 1960’s when it fell behind other similar sized cities due to the Civil Rights Movement. City & JeffCo governments are rife with corruption & the area around Legion Field is full of crime.

    Maybe they could come up with a 100 yard dash trying to outrun bullets being fired by criminals. Closest they’ve come to being “Big League” is the old Birmingham Americans/Vulcans & the 1996 Olympic Soccer venues.

    ALDOT’s rebuilding elevated sections of I-20/59 downtown for the next year, & traffics bad enough already without football traffic. It would be an unmitigated disaster.

  6. Since this is an isolated incident I would suggest the NFL get creative…but we all know the NFL is usually far from creative.

    I wish they would use this as an opportunity to test hypothetical future markets. Don’t let the Raiders spearhead this and drag finding a home on and on for 2019. Just use the weight and clout of the NFL to get it done.

    The NFL has to have data in the league office that dictates say for example, San Antonio and Orlando are the two best cities left for expansion.
    Get a deal done to have 3-4 games in San Antonio, 3-4 games in Orlando, make it a big deal, hell, even go out to the public and say this is explicitly for testing future expansion. Then you plant a seed in the fans’ minds as to why they should care about the Raiders in their town. Keep track of the data: attendance, merchandise, local tv, etc. They might internally been thinking San Antonio was the preferred next expansion city, but if Orlando brings in 15,000 more people to Raiders games, buy $X million more in gear and a million more people watch on tv now there are results set.

  7. I don’t understand why they don’t go ahead and move to Vegas, using UNLV’s stadium for a year? I’m sure it’s small, but isn’t that better than whatever the heck all of this nonsense is?

  8. bworacle says:
    February 12, 2019 at 2:44 pm
    Can’t believe the Cardinals won’t fight it like the 49ers did.

    Tuscon is a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. Phoenix dont need Raider fans destroying there stadium, they can destroy U of A stadium

  9. I remember when the World Football League’s Birmingham American’s signed Raiders starting quarterback Ken Snake Stabler in 1974 for the 1976 football season. The WFL folded in 1975 so Snake never played for them.

  10. Just play in Oakland for ctrying out loud….a farewell tour. Oakland is going to sue you no matter what Davis but be the bigger man and just let have the Raider fans that HAVE supported you ONE MORE year. geeeeezzzz

  11. Can’t speak on Arizona Stadium, but Legion Field is completely inadequate for even big time college football, let alone the NFL. That is why Alabama stopped playing games there about 15 years ago. It is almost 100 years old and in a terrible neighborhood. Never going to happen.

  12. Until the Davis family lets go of this franchise it will always be a joke. They have TV personalities running the front office and can’t even find a place to play. Why anyone would remain a fan of theirs is beyond me.

  13. I’m from Tucson and my fav team is the raiders. Believe me this most likely won’t happen. Bidwell will throw a fit like he always does. Tucson still gets forced to watch Cards games even though the blackout rules have changed years ago. It’s not like that for Colorado Springs which is nearly half as close to an NFL city.

    What a ruse. The NFL will have to tell Davis that all his home games in the schedule will be scheduled for Oakland and then he can do what he wants to try and change it.

    Gooddy will have to force his hand. U of A stadium is perfect, but just a dream of mine that only flirts with reality.

    San Diego will be the spot. Just watch.

  14. The world of the circus has changed. When I was a kid the clown had goofy hair and a red nose. Now the clown only has goofy hair.

  15. Different stadium every week, like the 2005 Saints. Maybe, Mexico City, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Germany, France.

  16. They’ve been a circus for several years, now they could go one step further and become a travelling circus. Fill the void left when the Ringling Brothers shut down.

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