Agent: Kyler Murray weighs 205 pounds

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In two weeks, all eyes will be on Indianapolis for the official measurements of quarterback Kyler Murray, pictured between Dwayne Haskins and Tua Tagovailoa. And his weight may be even more important than his height.

The over-under for his height is 5’10” — and, yes, bets can be placed on either proposition. (The under is the favorite.)  The official over-under on his weight should be 200.

Agent Erik Burkhardt recently said on a Barstool podcast that Murray weighs 205. I know muscle weighs more than flab, but I sat two feet from Murray 12 days ago in Atlanta and I’m bigger than Murray and I weigh 185.

Yes, he’s in great shape. He’s got an upper-body thickness that I simply don’t. (Shocker.)

But it still seems like a stretch that he weighs 205. In any event, we’ll find out in Indy, when he has his Tom-Brady-in-boxers moment for all the football-following world to see.

36 responses to “Agent: Kyler Murray weighs 205 pounds

  1. The agent must be brain dead to make that statement if it isn’t true. Kyler is going to be standing on a scale in two weeks and the numbers don’t lie. You can’t hold off a weigh-in until “pro day.” More concerning is that photograph of Murray standing next to Tua. Tua is generously listed at 6’1” and he towers over Murray. Kyler is an exciting player and I hope for the sake of the league and for football fans he pans out. But the hard reality is that no player that short has ever been successful in the NFL.

  2. Muscle and fat weigh the same, one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat but muscle is more DENSE

  3. Tua T. is listed at 6’1. Haskins is 6’5. There’s no chance Murray is 5’10. He looks more than 3 inches shorter than Tua.

  4. “I’m bigger than Murray”😁

    Mike Florio weighs 185 in what universe?

    Clearly Mike is 5’7 155 soaking wet.

    I believe Kyler is 205. He a little pudge ball.

  5. There is no way he weighs 205, unless his Nikes are lead bottomed , the next thing agent will say is his hands are 10 1/2. He runs a 4.20 40 and his vertical jump is 40+ inches. Plus, his family history supports late growth spurts where many uncles reached 6 ft tall at age 23-24.

  6. I can’t wait to hear his agent try to spin it when he measures out below 5’10”…lol

  7. jurgyisgod says:
    February 13, 2019 at 10:36 am
    “……But the hard reality is that no player that short has ever been successful in the NFL”
    Darren Sproles (5’6″) and his 14 year career would like to have a word with you.

  8. Murray was generously listed by his OU as 5’8 1/4″
    I’d say that last 1/4 was generous and if its any lower he should just fly straight to spring training

  9. “But the hard reality is that no player that short has ever been successful in the NFL.” – jurgyisgod

    I disagree…!
    – Darrell Green, 1st Ballot HOF

  10. Ive met kyler in person several times and i can never get a bead on his exact height. Im 6′ on the dot and sometimes Ive got 2+ inches on him but other times hes standing up straight or something cuz hes got a few inches on me. I dont know if hell measure at 5’9″ or 6’3″. I know he will weigh in at 2 bills plus though. the dude takes up 2 seats, hes got a fire hydrant build

  11. il duce says:
    February 13, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Muscle and fat weigh the same, one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat but muscle is more DENSE

    Ha, that’s funny stuff. Feathers and rocks weigh the same too.

    Density accounts for volume, but I’m pretty sure everyone else that read this understood what Florio was saying.

  12. Sometimes I think too much is made of height. There have been plenty of players who have had good NFL careers who were 5-10 and under. I can think of only one who played QB–Doug Flutie. His career was interesting. He went to the USFL out of BC then was in the NFL a few more years before going to Canada and setting the CFL on fire. He eventually came back to the NFL and had some decent years at Buffalo then went to San Diego and had a good first season there but his last four years in the league were as a backup.

    I remember when Spud Webb was beginning his first season at NC State. Jim Valvano offered him a scholarship based on the recommendation of one of his coaches. When he first set eyes on him he told his assistant “If that’s Spud Webb, you’re fired.” We all know how that worked out. My point is you just never know.

    Ordinarily I’d say height is over-rated, especially at some positions, like RB (see Barry Sanders, Dave Meggett, Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren Sproles, etc). I’m also not sure of the notion that a shorter guy can’t see over the linemen. The last I checked Drew Brees is only 6’0″ and Russell Wilson is 5’11”. Also, the linemen in college are about the same size as those in the NFL and that didn’t seem to bother him at Oklahoma. When Flutie was asked if a 5-9 QB can play in the NFL he said “Yes, he can. But it’s a matter of ability and not size. I feel I can play; I don’t know for sure, and those questions will be answered in the future.” I don’t think it matters if he’s 5-8 or 6-4. I think it hinges more on ability instead of height. Like Flutie said, those questions will be answered in the future.

  13. no matter what he weighs or how tall he is, it is incredible that he is so good of an athlete at the collegiate level that two different sports pro league might draft him in the first round of their respective drafts.

  14. I’m going 5’8″ 185. Simply the eyeball test, but I trust my eyeballs more than any agent.

  15. Get a camera on this kid at the combine when he’s measured for height and weight, because he’s the smallest QB I’ve ever seen as a pro prospect.

    5’8 / 175-185 lbs at most.

  16. im sure he knows how tall he actually is and wouldn’t bother showing up if he were 5’8…I love all the hate and im sure he does as well…people on here tearing him down as they work their 9-5 and hes got options for multi-millions…great job guys


  17. Either he skips the weighing and measuring portion of the combine or he pulls a stunt like boxer riddick Bowe did years ago. Riddick showed up for a weigh in with a robe on that was filled with lead, just to freak out people, he didn’t need the extra weight. Just look at that picture. Tua ain’t exactly a monster and murray looks like his little brother.

  18. That’s a load of bs. My 13 year old nephew got his pic taken with Murray at the Ou spring game and he’s so much bigger than Murray. My nephew is 5’9 and maybe a 150 lbs. he’s a good two inches taller in the photo and looks to be the same body type muscle not withstanding I’m guessing Murray is closer to 5’7 and 175lbs than the 5’10 205 that they’d lead you to believe he is.

  19. Keep in mind Russell Wilson is 210. Murray has a similar build and is only about a inch shorter.

    Don’t try telling me that Russell is over 5’9. Listed height and actual height are 2 different things. I’ve stood next to dude in Madison. He is short. Russell is 5’9.

  20. Who cares. If he can play he can play. Lets see if he can play. The more decent QB’s the NFL has the better the overall league is.

  21. If he comes in anywhere near 200, then follow him to the bathroom afterwards to see if he starts puking a lot or peeing like a racehorse, because he’ll have been force injesting a LOT of water prior to the weigh in. They should do a surprise measurement of him, like the day before or two days after his scheduled weigh in so he can’t be prepped.

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