Broncos considered Foles before settling on Flacco

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The Broncos had not one but two former Super Bowl MVPs in mind at quarterback.

Via Mike Klis of in Denver, the Broncos considered Eagles quarterback Nick Foles before ultimately striking a deal with the Ravens for quarterback Joe Flacco. Foles was the Super Bowl LII MVP; Flacco won the prize five years earlier.

As Klis explains it, Flacco has considerable playing time under center, which makes him a better fit in the new Denver offense. Also, Flacco is deemed to be a better financial value with a contract that pays $18.5 million in 2019; Foles will end up with a staring point of $25 million for 2019, if the Eagles tag him before trading him.

With Denver out of the mix for Foles, Foles becomes a more likely option for the Jaguars, who employ former Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo as the team’s offensive coordinator.

23 responses to “Broncos considered Foles before settling on Flacco

  1. In 2016 Jason peters made the pro bowl sproles made the pro bowl in 2016. They had Nelson agohlor, zack ertz, Kelce, Brandon brooks, Celek, Jordan Mathews had close to 1000, yards eagles had 10th best rushing in Nfl in 2016 yet in 2018 they had 29th worst rushing. In 2016 Eagles defense had fletcher cox Ronald Darby, Brandon graham Malcolm Jenkins they gave up less points 2016 than in 2018 yet they went 7-9 with wentz. Yet foles with a worse roster unhealthy Jason peters banged up Kelce no celek sproles ineffective Mathews wasnt nearly as good in 2018 as he was in 2016 No run game in 2018 , worse defense yet foles made the playoffs and almost got to Super Bowl. Foles does more with less wentz does less with more. Keep foles

  2. Other than financial considerations, on what planet does your front office weigh Foles against Flacco and come up with Flacco?

    Von Miller is wasting his prime there.

  3. Not just money, it was a higher pick. Philly is expected to ask for a 3, perhaps they told Denver a 2 and Denver wasn’t willing to go that high.

  4. Cashvibe says:
    February 14, 2019 at 3:23 am
    They picked Flacco over Foles Wow.. What does Nick Foles have to do to get some respect


    Let’s see…..maybe play all 16 games in one season which he has only done once and be more consistent of a good qb, when he is good he is good but when he is bad he really stinks. Let’s not forget the Eagles defense was a huge part of their playoff run, if not for the defense and the way Foles played vs the falcons nobody is talk about Foles

  5. The Broncos gave up the 113th pick in the draft for Flacco. They are going to pay him $18.5 million. Keenum was scheduled to make $18 million but $7 million of that is guaranteed so they could have had him for $11 million in fresh money.

    Either they think they are getting a heck of an upgrade in Flacco or they expect Keenum will bring something substantial in the trade market.

    I suspect they are wrong in either case.

  6. I Don’t think Elway has a clue on picking QB’s he got 1 right out of 10 he’s traded for or Drafted. Just because he’s a Hall of Famer doesn’t make him a good Gm.

  7. Bad move to me. declining player that lost his job on a decent team. One of Floes best traits aside from ability to pass the ball is his leadership which many Eagle players have raved about.. The Broncos need that and Flacco not that personna…..

  8. Foles may only require a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but the one thing that people keep forgetting, whomever signs him will have to turn around and sign him to a Cousins type deal. If he settles for anything less than that, then shame on him.

  9. Elway always cheaps out. I never considered the Broncos for Foles because Elway refuses to pay top dollar at the most important position in all of sports!

    Or maybe Elways was thinking of his playing career and was threatened by the thought of Nick Foles taking many of his team records.

    But, choosing Flacco over Foles is not in the best interests of the Denver Broncos.

  10. Rebuild is on in Denver. Flacco is a 1 year prop to mentor the young QB they eventually draft. knowing elway, their draft pick will be atleast 6’6″ tall.

    Look for the Broncos to trade Emanual Sanders, Chris Harris Jr, and/or Von Miller. There is no point to keeping those veterans when the Flacco signing is clearly a sign of rebuild and those guys still have trade value. Harris could get you a 2nd round pick. Miller can get you atleast a first rounder and more. Sanders can probably get you a 4th, if healthy.

  11. I live in Maryland and have watched nearly every game of Joe Flacco’s career. He still can make every throw, but his fundamentals are not consistent, as evidenced by his throwing off his back foot all too often. Whether it’s John Harbaugh’s or Flacco’s fault, his clock management skills are deficient, as in virtually non-existent. With the Ravens behind by two scores in the fourth quarter and, say, nine minutes on the clock, Flacco will slowly walk back to the huddle, spend many long seconds in the huddle, stroll on up to the center, survey the defense, and then – at last! – begin the snap count. With a second or two to spare, the ball will be snapped. TV accouncers, writers for the Baltimore Sun, and fans by the thousands have questioned his lack of urgency, but it never gets better. Ever. His nickname is “Joe Cool” which is a kind way of saying he is a passive, emotionless presence on the bench, no matter the score or game situation. He is not a team leader and never will be. That said, he has had his moments, and I think he can still play. Team him up with a strong defense, a good O-Line, a good running back, and a couple of good receivers, and it just might work out for Denver. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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