Jets expected to part with Isaiah Crowell after signing another back

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The Jets have a pile of cap room, and a clear need for offensive skill position talent.

And when they sign their inevitable next running back, one’s going to be heading the other direction.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the expectation is that the Jets will quickly release running back Isaiah Crowell once they sign a back early in free agency.

Whether that’s Le'Veon Bell or Tevin Coleman or someone else remains to be seen, but Crowell’s contract forces them make a decision quickly.

As part of the three-year deal Crowell signed last offseason, $2 million is guaranteed if he’s on the roster the third day of the league year.

Crowell wasn’t bad last year, averaging 4.8 yards per carry before a foot injury sent him to injured reserve. He had a 219-yard game against the Broncos, and only one other 100-yard game all year. But the greater issues of their offense made it hard to blame any individual for a lack of production.

10 responses to “Jets expected to part with Isaiah Crowell after signing another back

  1. What’s the deal with Crowell? He seems to do well when given a chance. Especially considering the fact he’s played on some awful teams. Sounds like a good candidate for a career year in New England.

  2. Jets will sign Bell and go 4-12 next year.

    Pats will sign Crowell and go 12-4 and play for another SB. I’m guessing Isaiah would be ok with that.

  3. I won’t be sad to see him go. That 4.8 YPC is inflated by the 219 yard game against the Broncos. Watching him run straight into the backs of the o-line was frustrating. I’m glad the the Jets front office of today isn’t doing the same thing of yesteryear, where they’d give players multiple years of mediocrity before cutting them. This, along with the Spencer Long cut shows me that if you’re not producing, the front office isn’t oblivious to it anymore.

  4. Jets fans suffered with the NFL circus living with them during the Rex Ryan years. They’ve had their share of bad management when Woody Johnson was running the show. Things are different now. For the Jets fan’s sake I hope they sign anyone but Me’Veon.

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