More talk of Giants trading Odell Beckham

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The possibility of the Giants trading Odell Beckham has been much-discussed, and despite G.M. Dave Gettleman saying it won’t happen, that trade talk is not going away.

The latest source of Beckham trade talk is Jay Glazer, who writes in his latest piece at The Athletic, “I predict Odell Beckham Jr. gets traded this off-season.”

Glazer made clear that this is a prediction, not a report, but it underscores the fact that talk of a Beckham trade is not going away. Although the Giants have consistently said they’re not trading him, they may see that more as the way to maximize his trade value than an ironclad guarantee that he won’t be moved.

Beckham is only 26 years old and on pure talent is as good as any wide receiver in the NFL. It’s easy to picture the Giants getting a first-round pick from a team that wants to add major talent at wide receiver.

24 responses to “More talk of Giants trading Odell Beckham

  1. The boat incident shows Beckham to be potentially a hair away from a 4 game suspension. I’d move him too. Keep Saquon clean and clear of that crap.

  2. They ARE NOT trading Beckham.

    The giants have absolutely no shot to make the playoffs in the next couple of years and at least Beckham is an excuse to actually go to a game. You get to either see Beckham either make a spectacular play, watch him meltdown or a combination of the 2.

  3. I feel this talk is just coming about, because people feel him and Brown have similar attitudes, or maybe that NYG are tempted to draft a young QB, and fear that he will mess with his development similar to the Cowboys Bryant and Prescott.

    If the Vikings did want to let him go… its as easy as not signing him to that extension.

  4. “Foles for Beckham would be amazing.”

    How about Beckham and the next 10 #1 picks? In fan world anything is possible.

  5. With the way Adam Theilen dropped off last year after Bill Belichick cast his spell on him, I’m thinking the Vikings need to to offer a first rounder for him. Might save Spielman and Zimmer their jobs.

  6. Trade him for what-Arizona’s #1? The only way would be if the Giants loved a QB and they don’t. Again, not happening.

  7. cardiovascularendurance says:
    February 13, 2019 at 1:27 pm
    Foles for Beckham would be amazing.

    This wouldn’t even come close to being accepted on Madden with the franchise settings set to Rookie.

  8. An unfortunate side effect of adding this “major talent” is that it comes with “major drama”

  9. When we teams realize that giving ANY WR a massive contract is asinine. Its like living in a dumpy apartment while driving around in a Bentley.

  10. jeanoroid says:

    February 13, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    Remind me of the last time Pittsburgh traded for a high profile player. LOL..
    Usuals suspects..New England,etc.

    Jerome Bettis in 1996.

  11. Giants should trade the drama queen.
    They don’t/won’t have a team that can really use him for a few years.
    Much better off spending the $ (that they never should have given this fool,) to shore up across the board.

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