What’s next for Case Keenum?

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Case Keenum was right to not worry about the Broncos drafting a quarterback in round one.

With Joe Flacco and his $18.5 million base salary arriving in Denver, the Broncos won’t need Keenum and his $18 million base salary. So the question becomes where will Keenum go?

Trading him would result in a $3 million cap charge. Cutting him would put the Broncos on the hook for $7 million in guaranteed money, which presumably is subject to offset.

Here’s an intriguing potential destination: The Giants. Look at what Keenum did in Minnesota with Pat Shurmur as his offensive coordinator. With the New York offensive line not good enough to provide extended protection to a classic pocket quarterback, the line is good enough for Keenum, who has the agility and quickness to move laterally and buy time until someone springs open.

Other teams to watch include the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Washington.

Regardless of where Keenum lands, he’s now in play for yet another new team in 2019. And plenty of Vikings fans may start wondering if there’s maybe a way to get him back to Minnesota.

39 responses to “What’s next for Case Keenum?

  1. Not seeing it. Keenum didn’t succeed because of his OC. He succeeded because of the one year wonder that was an awesome Vikings D. Emphasis on one year wonder. SKOL!

  2. No, Case will not be coming back. And to all the morons that thought the Vikings should have signed Keenum over Cousins this just goes to show what Case really is, a backup QB. He’s not a full time starter in this league. Even though Cousins had his issues he still was the better signing, period!

  3. If the Broncos have truly traded for Flacco and it was a 4th. If they can flip Keenum to the Giants for a 5th, then it is a good deal for the Broncos and a 5th round pick for a bridge QB to shield your new rookie from the diaster of an O-Line. Keenum gets a chance to see what he can do with a flashy RB. The G-men get a year to train their QB and another set of high draft pciks to create an O-Line that will not kill their new QB. Everybody wins. Even Balt who has RGIII to backup LJackson so the Offense does not need to change.

  4. Most of my Viking fan neighbors in Eagan wish they had kept Keenum and built a better team around him. Nobody local I’ve spoken to gives Cousins big props. Apparently, all Cousins gives Viking fans is blisters on their fingers from crossing them so often.

  5. The Redskins have $18.5M in cap room. I can’t see them spending $18M of it on Keenum. In fact, I don’t see any team giving up draft picks for the right to pay Keenum $18M, regardless of cap space. They’ll have to cut him.

  6. It’s laughable that the Viking fans don’t want him back. I am not saying he is the answer, I’m just saying he got the Vikings to the NFC championship game which is much further that Cousins brought the Vikings last year.

    My strategy for the Vikings is to bring Keenum back. Play Cousins in all the non-prime time games and against teams with a losing record because for whatever reason, he seems to play well when there is less pressure. Then play Keenum in the big games. Heck, he can’t be any worse than starting Cousins, you already know he is going to choke.

  7. Rough run for Keenum. He went from Minnesota where all quarterbacks tend to look good to Denver where it’s the exact opposite and everybody tends to look bad. He’s way better than he looked in Denver though not as good as that one year he had in Minnesota.

  8. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    February 13, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Not Miami please! we have enough problems.

    I hope my fellow Jaguars fans are saying the same thing about him coming to Jacksonville.

  9. He’s going to Disney World. Of course not as Super Bowl winner but maybe for vacation.

  10. All-American Voltron says:
    February 13, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    On behalf of Vikings fans, we all know we got Keenum in his absolute best and exposed his true quality in the playoffs. No thanks


    Cousins exposed his true quality in the game that kept them out of the playoffs.

  11. Carolina, Giants are both good fits for him. Rams as backup again. Redskins would be great for him.

  12. Viking fans feel Keenum was “exposed” in the playoffs… that was TWO games… you saw what Kirk Cousins has done again teams with winning records… and that sample size is 15 times bigger.

  13. Jville will be dumping their own QB they paid too much for. Bortles will be carrying his own cap hits and dead money with offsets.
    Washington actually seems like a fairly decent landing spot for Keenum.
    Don’t look for Jax to be picking up more money in the QB room.

    Rookie (Haskins in 1st or Grier in 2nd) and a cheap vet will be the QB room (perhaps keeping Kessler who has less than a mil hit)

  14. skolvikings2017 says:
    February 13, 2019 at 12:05 pm
    No, Case will not be coming back. And to all the morons that thought the Vikings should have signed Keenum over Cousins this just goes to show what Case really is, a backup QB. He’s not a full time starter in this league. Even though Cousins had his issues he still was the better signing, period!
    an 8-7-1 record, missing the playoffs, and $10 million more cash spent per year, is NOT the better signing in my opinion.

  15. You just gotta look at historic statistics, including 2018 to easily determine that Cousins is better. Look, Cousins isn’t all that great, but he’s better in every way except one 2017 playoff win that wasn’t won because of Keenum.

    I have to admit that whatjusthappened’s suggestion was pretty funny though.

  16. Miami doesn’t make sense to me. They have already indicated they are in rebuild mode and why would you cut Tannehill to trade for Keenum? Doesnt make much sense. If you are Miami, just keep Tannehill.

  17. I could see Grier picking him up – he’s a more expensive Ryan Fitzpatrick, but certainly cheaper than keeping that “7 year ick” Tannehill on the roster!
    He’s a stop-gap decent QB that’ll get a few nice wins & more ugly losses in most circumstances, but has potential to be good QB in the right offense.
    I believe Keenum’s failure in LA was really on Fishers shoulders whereas he was being pressured by the “powers” that be to start Goff – so Keenum was feeling he had Goff one or two mistakes away from taking his job.

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