Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris like Flacco trade, want to see more pieces added

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Reactions to news that the Broncos and Ravens have agreed to a trade that will send quarterback Joe Flacco to Denver when the 2019 league year begins came from all over the football world on Wednesday.

A couple of Flacco’s teammates-to-be were among those weighing in on the move. Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and cornerback Chris Harris had similar takes on the move.

Harris said he likes the deal and added that “hopefully we get more pieces around him” as the offseason continues. Sanders called it a “big move” by General Manager John Elway.

“Veteran leader who has won the big game,” Sanders texted to Mike Klis of KUSA. “We also have money to spend to in free agency as well. Looking forward to seeing more pieces put into place.”

Receiver is a spot the Broncos could stand to add a piece even if Sanders was sure to be ready for the start of the regular season. After tearing his Achilles in December, that’s not a sure thing and that may up the need as the Broncos try to set Flacco up for success in his first year with the team.

18 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris like Flacco trade, want to see more pieces added

  1. money to spend…lol

    von miller needs to be dealt as was discussed last year

    hint: you are rebuilding and will not win that division

    these players are so dumb

  2. When Flacco HAD to play good to keep his job last year, he didn’t. I guess he’s an upgrade over Case, but it’s a matter of a few degrees. It’ll get the Broncos to maybe 8 or 9 wins? And a worse draft position to try and get a QB that way.

    Of course, bottom line is that it ain’t easy to get a good quarterback, let alone a franchise QB (otherwise everyone could do it). It’s nice to see Elway trying in a market with no good prospects at the moment (though I would have rather experimented with Foles than Flacco).

    So in other words: Ah, crap.

  3. I agree for once with you Denver isn’t winning anything prolly better too tear it down and rebuild but with that said I like the trade for Flacco Baltimore should have kept joe and traded lamar

  4. This just all seems odd given Case Keenum is still there and was brought in to be/paid to be the starter. Even more strange are current teammates of Case saying they like the move. Guess the writings on the wall for Case

  5. After so many John Elway failures at the QB position I have a real hard time believing the players are genuinely excited Joe freaking Flacco is the starting QB. I could make a solid argument Keenum is a better option as a starting QB. Flacco hasnt been good in years and is injury prone at this point in his career, losing his job as the Ravens starting QB to an extremely raw rookie QB who cannot make tight window throws & who has a long way to go before he develops into a NFL caliber passer yet Flacco couldnt fend him off. If the Broncos pass yet again on a QB come draft day & instead try to seriously build around Joe Flacco as their franchise QB then ownership needs to fire John Elway, who should of been fired like yesterday as the architect of Denvers first back to back losing seasons in forever.

  6. Keenum wouldn’t throw the ball down the field – see Vance Joseph’s comments late in the season. Flacco will be aggressive throwing to the young receivers, if he isn’t traded on draft day.

  7. You traded a 4th round pick for almost the same exact QB you had last season who’s older and on a more expensive contract…what’s there to like about this, exactly?

  8. As a bridge, Flacco unlike Keenum is a pocket passer who can throw the long ball. He’s exactly the type of “mentor” for an unfinished product like Lock whom Elway seems to be enamored with at the 10th pick.

  9. both those guys are trade bait, along with Miller. I’d be shocked if all 3 are Broncos starting the season. Sanders won’t even be ready to play until mid season.

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