Greg Roman: We’re redefining everything we do on offense

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Greg Roman got bumped up to offensive coordinator in Baltimore after the Ravens’ loss to the Chargers in the playoffs and he knows one thing for sure about what he’ll be putting together in 2019.

On a podcast for the Ravens website, Roman said the offense is going to be “tailored” around quarterback Lamar Jackson and have “elements” of what the team did once Jackson took over last season, but that he sees the process of building the entire system as starting from scratch.

“We’re literally redefining everything we do as a staff, as a group,” Roman said. “Literally, everything. Every formation, every route, every run, every route concept. How can we make this offense, which up until this point has been good … we’re trying to make it as great as we can be. How can we make it as learnable, as understandable, as streamlined, as efficient [as possible]?”

The process isn’t going to be over in a snap. While they know what Jackson brings to the table, Roman spoke often about “how the roster gets shaped” influencing what the team is going to do and there’s a lot about to happen on that front in the next couple of months.

9 responses to “Greg Roman: We’re redefining everything we do on offense

  1. That redefining better include plenty of quarterback keeps, WR’s that are good at catching one- hoppers, 6’10” TE’s that can catch the overthrows, and three good backup QB’s for when Lamar inevitably gets injured.

  2. This is a HUGE mistake.

    Since this guy is NO PASSING THREAT, defenses will beg him to throw and they’ll handle him like they do with all of the fraud QB’s who are really running backs wearing QB Halloween costumes – they’ll lock down the run with eight or man fronts.

    And it is a GUARANTEE that he will NEVER be better than he is now at the QB position – he has at most about six more games of effectiveness and a defense will solve his riddle and he’ll never be worth spit again. Happens to all running backs who think they can throw. He has almost no pro QB passing skills of note. At best he’ll be an average to below average QB, but nothing remarkable. And not a winner of note.

  3. According to PFT poster – Lamar is awful, Flacco was awful, the o line was awful, the skill players sucked, and Harbaugh is a terrible coach.
    But they won their division and had the 9th ranked offense in the league by yardage. Explain that to me.
    Either the coach did a great job with sub par talent, or the players did well with sub par coaching.
    Or door number three – the idiots on here have zero idea how to evaluate an NFL team’s performance.

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