Man arrested for $1 million Super Bowl ticket scam

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If you’re planning to buy Super Bowl tickets, be sure they’re coming from a reputable seller.

Every year around Super Bowl time, we hear stories of scams in which unsuspecting people pay big money for tickets that don’t exist. And the one we’re hearing this year is a doozy.

A man named Ketan Shah was arrested last week and accused of taking $1 million off customers who thought they were buying VIP Super Bowl packages that actually didn’t exist. One of the victims was Shah’s own mother, who lives in Atlanta and thought she was getting tickets to the game. Another victim was a business owner who paid $500,000 thinking he was going to rent out an arena for a Super Bowl event.

Shah disappeared after the victims figured out the sales were a scam. He was a fugitive from justice and law enforcement was struggling to track him down, but he was caught thanks to a tip from a Riverside, California, casino employee. It seems that Shah stayed at the casino, called attention to himself by making lots of demands for special treatment, and drew the ire of a casino employee who wondered why this obnoxious guest was paying for everything with cash. The employee googled him and discovered he was wanted by police, and the casino contacted the authorities. Shah was arrested at the casino.

17 responses to “Man arrested for $1 million Super Bowl ticket scam

  1. Sounds like he really tried to fly under the radar. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, the one place to not be obnoxious is a casino.

  2. Not exactly a criminal mastermind – he pays for everything with cash, but then uses his own name.

  3. I can’t think of a worse return on investment than Super Bowl LII tickets. That would’ve been a horrible regular season game to attend. Those poor people.

  4. He started by defrauding his own mom, that means that nobody else he took ever had a chance. He could’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for that dog and those kids, and drawing attention to yourself while on the run from the law.

  5. $1 million is not worth it. There’s plenty of other things I can think of to make more money if I’m going to sit in jail. This is probably one of the worst ideas ever.What does he expect to do? Become a professional gambler? Eventually the house wins and he’ll end up in the streets.

  6. The biggest victim got taken for $500,000. Imagine yourself in this scenario: An acquaintance you know has no ties to the NFL or the venue tells you he somehow got access to a Super Bowl event but it’s $500k payable directly to him IN ADVANCE. No red flags there at all.

  7. I think of how much money people paid to attend the most boring game in NFL history and have to laugh.

  8. You have to question the intelligence of those that got duped by this not so intelligent crook. These are people who have so much damn money that don’t bother to inquire about credibility. Dumb and Dumber Go to the Super Bowl !

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