Reports: Todd Grantham to stay at Florida instead of joining Bengals

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The Cincinnati Bengals search for a new defensive coordinator continues.

According to multiple reports, Todd Grantham has elected to remain at the University of Florida. The Bengals had centered their search on Grantham as he was back in the Bengals’ facility after interviewing with the team on Tuesday.

Grantham has only been at Florida one season after following Dan Mullen to the school from Mississippi State.

The Bengals have reportedly had interest in former Atlanta Falcons coordinator Marquand Manuel, Texas A&M coordinator Mike Elko, Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn, and Rams defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant.

Additionally, they have spoken with Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers about the job and each have reportedly passed on the job as well.

12 responses to “Reports: Todd Grantham to stay at Florida instead of joining Bengals

  1. LOL, this is an NFL job with a pseudo NFL team and they can’t get anyone to take it. Wait for it here comes the spin from the Kool-Aid drinking bungal fans….

  2. Grantham, the angry yelling blitz blitz blitz journeyman coach, would’ve been a poor fit for this soft and contract contented defensive roster. It’s a tough gig, with the scouting responsibilities added on because Mike Brown is so cheap.

  3. Every post about the Bengals DC says the same thing about Del Rio and Capers – that they passed on the job. But reports about Del Rio indicated that it was at the very least mutual between the team and coach that they wouldn’t move forward. The report about the Bengals and Capers is a little more murky, although most fans would say the team dodged a bullet by not landing Capers.

    Yeah, I’d be more comfortable if the Bengals had a defensive coordinator. Having the right guy is only going to be apparent once the season is underway. Teryl Austin was supposed to be the right guy, and his defense was historically bad. I don’t know what to make of the Grantham situation – ideally the guy you want to hire would want to work for you. It’s been reported that Grantham had been seeking an extension with Florida – and he’s already one of the top paid coordinators in the NCAA – so he may have used his interview with the Bengals as leverage in Gainesville.

    I can’t spin it any better than that. I’d like to see Elko or Pleasant at this point, and focus on the draft instead of who the DC will be.

  4. I guess it’s back to the 1990’s for the Bengals. Before Marvin Lewis the Bengals were the pre Baker Browns. The Jester of the AFC.

    It’s time to go back to the future Marty.

  5. Word is Mike Smith has some personality issues and doesn’t fit in what Taylor is looking for. He is a ME guy. This search is exhausting but it’s necessary to be patient and make the right call vs settling. Was Grantham trying to leverage a longer contract, good possibility. What about John Fox?

  6. I don`t know why fans need to spin anything.I don`t worry about who doesn`t take the job. It was a bad look when the Colts got left at the alter by McDaniels and had to “settle” for Frank Reich but they not only survived but were probably better off for it.There are plenty of good coaches out there and one will get the job and then i`ll judge him but just because they didn`t get a guy who already failed as a NFL DC doesn`t mean the sky is falling.

  7. When he interviewed, Zac Taylor had an electric football game on his desk and he asked
    Todd to set his defense and turn on the power. Oh Boy. Next to the electric football was an Etch a Sketch with Taylor plays on it. Todd ran for the exit and never looked back.

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