Chad O’Shea on QB: Still in the evaluation process

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Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea didn’t land in Miami until after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, so he’s spent the last two weeks catching up on his new team.

O’Shea said he had some familiarity with the Dolphins personnel because they faced them twice a year while he was with New England, but his primary focus was on the Miami defense heading into those games. As a result, O’Shea said that the coaching staff is still getting a handle on who they have.

“We’re still in the process of our evaluation of those players,” O’Shea said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “It’s an exciting part of the process to identify the players you’ll be working with.”

That process includes the quarterback position. Word has been that the Dolphins will be moving on without Ryan Tannehill, but O’Shea offered nothing beyond “tremendous respect” for Tannehill and his memory of the quarterback’s athleticism causing problems for the Patriots defense over the years.

O’Shea did say that “intangibles are most important to us” when it comes to quarterbacks. He called the quarterback the “ambassador” of the team and said he’s looking for leadership and work ethic in whoever will be running his offense.

14 responses to “Chad O’Shea on QB: Still in the evaluation process

  1. Tannehill never ever should have been drafted, that was obvious after one year.. Murray would be a very Dolphin thing to do, set them back 2-3 years

  2. Tannehill is not a good QB, but he’s good enough to win 6-7 games. That’s too many wins for what Flores needs to do. He wants a top 3 pick that he can trade for more picks. Without knowing the cap implications, he should dump Tannehill and go with the backup for a year and jettison any other high priced player not pulling his weight.

    We’ve all seen reports out of Miami about wanting to tank. Just please don’t make it as blatantly obvious as the infamous “Suck for Luck” campaign. And don’t print and sell t-shirts like the Colts did…

  3. bagbolt says:

    February 15, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    I think Chad is over his head. He worked with Brady after Brady was Brady…

    Wait, when did Brady become post-Brady? And Chad worked with him throughout his career, so… what does this mean? How can someone be over their head before they’ve even started working?

  4. bagbolt says:
    February 15, 2019 at 12:01 pm
    I think Chad is over his head….

    Most of these ex-Belichick assistants, at least at the professional level, have seemed to be over their head once they left the comfort of BB. Obviously we will have to wait and see how this new crew of ‘ex’ does. Bill O’Brien has shown some positive signs at the pro level, but has not gotten over the hump with the Texans.

  5. Tannehill has had ample opportunity to prove his worth( seven years) it’s time. Not sure if he has any trade value, what team is looking for an expensive backup? I like the Keenum idea and draft someone, anyone , and do it your way. Maybe Gase will take him back.

  6. Bottom line…Tanny is a mid-level QB, so there is some trade value (4th to 6th rd pick). So ourright releasing him and getting no return would be idiotic.

    On the other hand, because he is mid-level QB, if you surround him with quality coaching and a solid lineup, there is chance for some success. That formula has worked for Goff, Foles, Flacco to get to the SB. Those QBs are not better than Tanny. Their teams were loaded with talent around them and quality coaching.

    With Nutcase Gase and his embarrassingly inept staff no longer around, I am optimistic this new staff can but together a solid team fairly soon. I trust them in their evaluation process as they are familiar with championship pedigrees.

  7. I would pass on a QB this year & target Tua next. Take the BPA at 13 or trade back for someone else who wants a QB this year. Build the D and get the OL in check.

  8. For those who want to “tank”, why not RT17 if he’s bad as believed. This staff knows the how they attacked Phin and what Bill B. thought of thill, so let them decide. If he’s not worth the pay we will know shortly. Curious how they will view Parker. That blow up by his agent, Jones and Phillips outburst, Drake (underusage), Ajayi, landry create questions imo. 17 was in no postion to question coach , who he was dependant on at this point. He had no career leverage. You think he felt free to change a call by the genious, the guy who had a OC he didnt utilize? Gase listened to no one.

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