Greg Roman wants Ravens offense “to fight with both hands”

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Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman has had success building running games in his past stops, but the passing attacks haven’t been quite as successful.

Given the reliance on the run game down the stretch last season, that’s something that might be a cause for concern for some in Baltimore as Roman redefines the team’s scheme heading into Lamar Jackson‘s first full year as a starter. During an appearance on a team podcast, Roman said the best chance for his previous teams “to win was to operate within a specific formula” while adding that there were times they had big numbers through the air when the situation called for it.

Roman also said it was “fool’s gold” to go into things with the goal of hitting a specific amount of passing yards, but knows that whatever he comes up with for 2019 has to be more balanced than the approach that sputtered in a playoff loss to the Chargers.

“Everybody wants you to have to fight left handed,” Roman said. “The best thing we can do is be able to fight with both hands. We want to be able to run it and pass it. There will definitely be more of a balance there. That’s how you win — that’s what makes it sustainable.”

Jackson’s growth as a passer will have a lot to do with the success of any approach the Ravens take and Roman said the 2018 first-rounder sees the field well. The key is to get him “mechanically and fundamentally progressing” to take full advantage of what he sees during plays.

13 responses to “Greg Roman wants Ravens offense “to fight with both hands”

  1. This is going to end bad.
    Roman was here in Buffalo with Tyrod Taylor. We know how that went. Now with Tyrod 2.0 in Jackson, get ready Ravens fans…

  2. In the 8 games he’s started he:
    Had 2 games with a completion % over 60
    Passed for over 200 yds in 1 game
    Passed for over 150 yds in 4 games
    Fumbled the ball 13 times

  3. Sadly, for me and my Ravens, Roman is going to soon realize what a limited passer Jackson is.
    Come the 2020 draft, Decosta will be looking for a new QB

  4. Funny, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen has significantly worse passing stats than Lamar Jackson on a per game metric by every conceivable metric, but no one questions their ability to throw. I wonder why?

  5. Funny, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen has significantly worse passing stats than Lamar Jackson on a per game metric by every conceivable metric, but no one questions their ability to throw. I wonder why?


    Because in Josh Allen’s case, the kid hasn’t had an offensive line that could let him stand in the pocket for more than one second without getting killed. When he gets that rare opportunity to set his feet, he can be deadly.

    Rosen’s case is almost similar, except for the deadly part.

  6. The worst Ravens front office move (since firing Bellichek) was dumping SB 47 MVP Joe Flacco for a scrambler who is an inept passer. The second worse front office move was promoting Roman.

    I am a die-hard Ravens fan since their move to Baltimore, but I hate to face this reality: we’ll be rooting for the AFC North bottom-feeders this season and maybe a few more in the 2020s.

  7. Establishing the run is important. Let’s you control clock and despite what Chip Kelly thinks, control of the clock means you win more often than not. Allows your defense to rest. Keeps the opposing offense watching the game from the sidelines and exhausts the opposing defense.

    Only problem is that eventually the defense will stack the box and dare you to throw. Can Jackson make them pay the price for stacking the box?

  8. I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude towards the Roman/Jackson Offense. The only thing that I definitely don’t want to see anymore is the dreaded QB “College” Option play. That particular play has never worked at this level and probably never will.

  9. The funny thing here is Lamar has the same qbr as guys like Michael Vick Randle Cunningham and other hof run 1st QBs better QBr than Allen darnold and Rosen but for some crazy reason he isn’t a NFL qb he has better numbers than them in college also

  10. I would be happy if lamar could hold onto the ball w/o fumbling, that usually requires two hands. let me add, learn to pass …

  11. Jackson has made some gorgeous throws— just not very often. Give him another year to develop, and see what happens.

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