Kliff Kingsbury: Josh Rosen has the “keys to the castle”

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Kliff Kingsbury continues to talk up Josh Rosen and dispute the notion that Rosen doesn’t fit his Air Raid system.

“Every time I’ve turned on the tape, there is something you like and something you can build with,” Kingsbury said Friday on 98.7 Arizona’s Sports Station, via the team website.

Kingsbury didn’t rule out using a fullback and said the running game will have NFL-style elements to it. It fits with what offensive line coach Sean Kugler said about David Johnson and the running game being a “big part” of the Cardinals offense.

“I don’t think it’ll be as foreign as people are saying,” Kingsbury said of his offense.

Still, the offense will go as Rosen goes.The quarterback threw 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions behind an awful offensive line last season, and the Cardinals went 3-10 with him as their starter.

“He needs to understand we are in this together, and I want him to know he kind of has the keys to the castle and let’s build this deal as a group,” Kingsbury said. “Make sure he is comfortable with what we are doing, if he doesn’t like something that is going on with this offense or the way I’m coaching it, let’s talk about it and come up with the best answer. When [the quarterbacks] have that type of ownership, it goes a long way.”