Local officials “cautiously optimistic” for Raiders return to Oakland

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Since the Raiders don’t seem to have many reasonable options, it appears that reasonable minds have been able to set aside differences.

According to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders continue to talk about playing one more year in Oakland, and Coliseum Authority executive director Scott McKibben expressed hope that a deal could be struck for the team to play there another year.

“I am cautiously optimistic that I believe that we will get a deal done, yes,” McKibben said.

McKibben said he didn’t think a deal would be reached before next week, but said he planned to talk to Raiders president Marc Badain about scheduling more talks.

The Raiders have few other options — I mean, unless you take Tucson and Birmingham seriously which you probably shouldn’t. But pride was a factor as well, especially after the local government sued the team for leaving for Las Vegas, where the stadium won’t be ready until 2020.

A decision to continue negotiations is a good sign things are progressing. More local government approvals would be required, but it appears things are moving in a positive direction.

“The next step for me is I will get back to the Raiders, and I will discuss with Marc what exactly we discussed [in closed session],” McKibben said. “Like any other deal or negotiation, we will hammer down to the shorthairs. If we reach a complete and full agreement, then we’ll move forward, do a contract, and at that time, we would have a meeting, . . . where we call people back for a formal approval.”

The Raiders planned to continue to practice in Alameda at the team headquarters, which seemed to make playing nearby the most likely scenario.

10 responses to “Local officials “cautiously optimistic” for Raiders return to Oakland

  1. it still won’t stop the lawsuit from happening, no matter how much the Raiders are trying to use that for leverage.

  2. Personally, I hope Mark Davis’ pride will make him play somewhere else for 2019. I want more free games broadcast off the air, and the only way it will happen in 2019 is if the Raiders play their home games at least 200 miles away from the Bay Area. That way the local TV stations can carry doubleheaders even if the Raiders are playing at “home.” That means at least 9 more doubleheader games for the 2019 season, many of them being great matchups, often billed as the network’s “game of the week.” It also means that the local TV station is NOT obliged to carry the Raiders’ road games for the entire season. If the Raiders continue to be a bad team, the local TV station may decide to show other teams instead.

  3. It would be great for the Raiders to find a long term home, be that in Oakland or elsewhere.

    Since Vegas looks real, but not right away, happy for the Oakland local fan base that they get the opportunity to see their beloved franchise in their backyard for one more season.

  4. It think this move is spineless and pathetic by Mark Davis. How can you make a deal with the city that refused help with a new stadium and is now bringing a lawsuit against you? They should have moved now to Las Vegas and played at Sam Boyd Stadium. Davis could have renamed the team Las Vegas Raiders now. Playing in Glendale or San Diego would have been better. Libby Schaaf is the biggest moron of all time. If I was Davis, I’d be real anxious to get out of that cesspool (Oakland).

  5. I don’t think there was ever any really serious doubt that the Raiders would be playing their final season before there fans in the Black Hole. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good many of those fans end up resettling to Las Vegas.

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