Antonio Brown faults Mike Tomlin for telling Steelers he quit

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is continuing to mix it up with fans on Twitter, and he suggested in one tweet that he holds coach Mike Tomlin accountable for the perception that Brown quit on the team before their final game of the season.

Responding to a fan who accused him of showing by sitting out the final game of the season that he doesn’t really love football, Brown wrote that Tomlin telling the Steelers he quit on them made him out to be the bad guy.

“After the coach tell the team I quit while nursing some bumps then invite me to watch the show with same guys thinking I quit i can not stand with that! I’m the bad guy doe we miss post season think about it,” Brown wrote.

Not exactly the clearest form of communication, but the general impression from Brown’s tweet is that he thinks Tomlin made him the fall guy. Brown doesn’t seem to be trying to endear himself to his coach, perhaps because he’s committed to playing for someone else this year.

51 responses to “Antonio Brown faults Mike Tomlin for telling Steelers he quit

  1. All of us have had jobs we wanted to quit. Employers we no longer wanted to work for. Because his job is professional football he has no less right to want to leave than the rest of us.

  2. Tomlin is a loser. He can not coach. He is not a leader. But AB is a clown.
    You dont see Rothlesberger, Rudolph, Switzer, McDonald, Watt, DeCastro or Boswell acting like fools do you?
    Ship all those fools off to a deserted island somewhere

  3. Oh, it’s Tomlin’s fault he faked an injury and missed multiple practices? I thought it was supposed to be Ben’s fault.

  4. Injury or not, seems ridiculous that Tomlin told the team Brown quit. This is part of the reason why Tomlin isn’t a great coach. Coaches are supposed to inspire and motivate. How motivating can it be to tell your team that your best player quit late in the season? Seems more like the girl in school who pride herself on being the first to spread the gossip.

  5. Besides the fact that Brown is painfully illiterate, I notice that everything is the fault of someone else. He plays absolutely no role in the things that happen to him. He’s this really great guy that people just decided to persecute for no reason at all.

  6. Exapno Mapcase says:
    February 16, 2019 at 3:09 pm
    Did someone change the Kool-Aid recipe in Steeler-world? This is Bengals-level disjunction.

    No, this is Browns level.

  7. ….. And a few more teams who may have been interested in AB’s ability to run fast and catch a ball are backing sloooowwly awwaaayyy.

    Antonio Brown has destroyed his reputation & his celebrity. It’s not possible to score enough touchdowns for this stink to go away.

  8. OK, I think I got it now. Ben throws the ball to JuJu too much. JuJu catches the ball too much. Tomlin let the plays to JuJu get called too much. Mr Rooney drafted both Been & JuJu and hired Tomlin. So now Ben is mad at Ben, JuJu, Tomlin and Rooney and wants a trade because in reality he wants a new contract because JuJu is emerging as a very good WR and it takes catches from him…OK, now I get it.

  9. I am starting to come around to AB’s point of view. Remember how James Harrison was treated last year during his departure? He should have been treated like Steeler royalty.

  10. I’m kinda thinking there is more blame around here than just AB. Does AB act intelligently? No. But there is more to this than AB over-reacting. I absolutely believe what he says about Ben. Ben did not like Todd Haley and look where Haley is now. I do not believe the C on Ben’s jersey gives him the right to call teammates out in the media. It also appears Tomlin is spineless. The Steelers need to get this figured out before next season or we’re likely to see them fighting the Bungles for 3rd place in the division.

  11. So Everyone wants to get rid of Tomlin? Who ya going to replace him with
    there really isn’t anyone right now other than maybe Mike McCarthy ,if he’s still
    around ,Who else I ask?

  12. So let me get this straight. Tomlin looked the other way and let AB do whatever he wanted and now all of a sudden he’s blaming Tomlin for telling the other players he quit? He is right on one point–Tomlin is an idiot for letting AB do whatever he wanted without suffering any consequences. However, quitting on your team then being upset because the coach told your teammates you quit is rich. I wonder if he’ll ever grow up. Probably not since he has T.O. as his mentor. This is only going to get worse.

  13. bigcid10 says:
    February 16, 2019 at 5:22 pm
    So Everyone wants to get rid of Tomlin? Who ya going to replace him with

    Gumby would add as much as Tomlin

  14. I thought this AB-Steelers thing would blow over, but AB is certainly doing all he can to ensure his exit! he’s the equivalent of a guy taking off his shirt and pants in the office and sending out company wide emails badmouthing all his bosses …

  15. Really sad for my franchise right now. First Bell, now Brown, and in none of this is anyone at the decision levels for the org. putting the heat on Tomlin. Much as I don’t like the Patriots who have owned my squad for years now, you would NEVER see this with Belicheck and Brady. Brown would be shipped out and that would be that. Sad state of affairs for a once very proud franchise.

  16. I’m a chargers fan and am very fine with the Steelers being the kardashians.

    Grab some popcorn and sit back. You won’t be bored for lack of drama!

  17. “Remember how James Harrison was treated last year during his departure? He should have been treated like Steeler royalty.”

    IIRC Harrison didn’t nuke his way out of town the way Brown is either. I sense a highly amusing twitter war between Brown and the Steelers once he’s gone to another team.

  18. Is this deja vu? That’s what the people who witnessed Terrell Owens’ career are asking. It’s the coach’s fault. It’s the QB’s fault. It’s the owner’s fault. It’s the fans. It’s everyone but Terrell or Antonio. Couldn’t he have picked Larry Fitzgerald as his mentor instead of Owens? This is only his first team. There will be several more teams and they will all end the same way.

  19. You can stop now, Antonio. You’ve done more than enough to punch your ticket out of town. At this point, you’re just doing damage to your market value. You’ve still got a couple of productive years left, shut up and wait to be cut or traded. Man, I feel for his agent.

  20. So he’s blaming Tomlin for NOT stopping him from being a team disruption and acting like a jackhole? AB would literally die if he’s told that the Steeler’s FO couldn’t get a good return for him so he won’t be traded this upcoming season…his next team doesn’t deserve the stunts he pulls and the drama he will bring hopefully he will grown up and act like he has some sense, though i doubt it’s possible

  21. “otherwise they meal ticket gone…”
    “I’m the bad guy doe we miss post season think about it”


    With every tweet, Antonio Brown’s perceived IQ drops a couple more points.

  22. This current pittsburgh steelers soap opera is a WORSE example
    of low character selfishness than other “problem” teams nfl past dramas.

    THE HUGE DIFFERENCE: The media has been soft on these pittsburgh steelers degenerates

    If this was an unpopular, underreported nfl team… the media
    would have ceaselessly attacked the “problem” team and the nfl
    would have handed out warnings and/or suspensions for this endless, divisive soap opera.

  23. geobh says:
    February 16, 2019 at 7:33 pm
    Once again. Tomlin, Bell and Brown have to go. They are all cancers

    11 2 Rate This


    don’t forget teflon colbert

  24. Crazy watching people choose Ben over AB. Slightly above average QB with generally awesome O-lines, run games and defenses… Antonio is the most prolific WR of the past six years, uncoverable. I bet he feels underappreciated and he absolutely should – Tomlin is playin games

  25. I hate seeing the many good Steelers fans go through this. The Lisa Olson case was the tinder for a decade of misery in NE. It’s usually an indication of a larger, more serious problem. As it was in NE back then it appears now that leadership from top to bottom is lacking. Sadly Pittsburgh fans must know that, as Pittino put it, “Bob Kraft’s not walking through that door”. Nor is Bill or Tom. Any Zelda fan knows you need all 3 triforce.

    The way NE handled the Terry Glenn situation is a lesson. Chandler Jones another. Any workplace with capricious discipline is typically not conducive to excellence.

  26. TO was dumber than a sack of rocks.

    But AB has taken stoopidity to a whole ‘nother level, and there may not even be a worthy analogy for it.

    Half a sack of rocks?

  27. Dear Mr. Rooney:

    Don’t change a thing. Give Mike Tomlin a long contract extension.

    — Ravens, Bengals, and Browns (Joint Resolution)

  28. Well He did Quit!! Simple as that. If you walk out on your job without telling your boss! You either quit or you going to be fired the next day!! simple as that! That’s how it works in the real world!!

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