Antonio Brown suggests that he doesn’t want a new deal, if traded

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One of the potential complications of an Antonio Brown trade comes from the belief that Brown will want a new contract as part of his arrival at a new team. That may not be the case.

Not for the money its for the love of the sport!” Brown said on Twitter in response to a question regarding those who think he wants a new team simply to get a new deal. “The commitment to win relentlessly consistently passionately! Plus I made 70 million it’s public record not to be cocky just truth! Time to play for my own Team AB84 the family!”

Of course, he’s playing for his own team only if he’s earning maximum revenue. Which would point to seeking a new deal.

If Brown doesn’t want a new contract, his current agreement would be attractive to a new team, at less than $39 million over three years with no guaranteed money.

Of course, Brown has every right two say it’s not about money. Until it eventually is about money.

14 responses to “Antonio Brown suggests that he doesn’t want a new deal, if traded

  1. Brown, Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Marcus Peters and all the other disrespectful clown boys should be banished from the league.
    Take a stand Goodell, and Make the league great again.
    The league was so much better when it was ran by those with an iron fist.

  2. Tomlin is a weak leader, and a subpar coach. Thats what you get when your owner doesnt hire the best for the job.
    Tomlin let those selfish players run over him. Rooney should have ignored the Rooney rule himself

  3. Steelers shouldn’t have 2 rings with Ben at QB. That 22.5 QB rating in Bowl 40 was an inside job. They were gifted that game even though Burger was an all time worst QB for those 60 bs minutes.

  4. Most teams would have to take a serious look at trading for him if his current contract is all he wants. Suspect that is not really the full truth. No guaranteed money for the next few years is a bad deal for him. In any case, many teams will be in the mix.

  5. The current pittsburgh steelers soap opera is a WORSE example
    of low character selfishness than other “problem” teams nfl past dramas.

    THE HUGE DIFFERENCE: The media has been soft on these pittsburgh steelers degenerates

    If this was an unpopular, underreported nfl team… the media
    would have ceaselessly attacked the “problem” team and the nfl
    would have handed out warnings and/or suspensions for this endless, divisive soap opera.

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