Bengals RB Mark Walton arrested on battery charge

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Bengals running back Mark Walton will have some legal trouble to sort out this offseason.

According to multiple reports, Walton was arrested in Miami. Reports differ on whether he was arrested late Friday night or early Saturday morning, but agree that he faces a charge of battery.

Walton was a fourth-round pick out of the University of Miami last season and served as a backup to Joe Mixon in Cincinnati. He appeared in 14 games, ran 14 times for 34 yards and caught five passes for 41 yards during his rookie season.

Walton will face possible league discipline in addition to whatever happens as his case makes its way through the courts in Florida.

16 responses to “Bengals RB Mark Walton arrested on battery charge

  1. Young, dumb, and violent; just as the league prefers. Next CBA will be another cakewalk for the owners.

  2. The NFLPA needs to do a better job of educating the players they represent. Football players go out drinking, and sometimes they end up in a fight. Your average football player is going to win 99% of bar room fights, so they’re the ones that are going to get arrested. We all know the NFLPA doesn’t do a good job at the negotiating table, and apparently they do a poor job in the classroom too. Just what does the NFLPA do, and why are they off limits to media criticism? Geez, everything else under the sun gets criticized. That’s just the times we’re living in. Strange that a union that fails so miserably would get a free ride.

  3. Hopefully the new coach will make an example of this guy and dump him to show this off the field behavior won’t be tolerated. Also release Burfict to send the same message about on the field actions. Who am I kidding? He hired a guy who bread a toxic atmosphere in Miami and was suspended at his college job for similar meat headed actions. Also the great redeemer Mikey Brown is still in charge.

  4. The Bengals should just cut him. There is no sense wasting time on an idiot. Next time draft somebody with more maturity and intelligence.

  5. Cut him loose immediately Zac! Make an example of him. Show other teams in the AFC North (like the one that wears Black & Gold) how to deal with immature, law breaking Divas!

  6. Have you ever seen the movie ‘the rundown’.
    Not only is Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson. It proves that NFL players don’t win 99% of bar fights. Check it out.

  7. I should have known better than to assume anything. The story goes that Walton was parked and blocking an entrance. Some lady went off on him and started the whole phone thing. The “battery” was that he knocked her phone out of her hand. Minor misdemeanor of phone battery. This according to Cincinnati sports media.

  8. I am a Bengals fan, and was not happy with the Walton selection as Orlando Brown was still on the board and this team really needed a RT. That being said, are people calling him the next Joe Mixon and stating that he should be dumped aware of what actually happened? It doesn’t say anywhere that he was in a fight with a woman. And all you “high and mighty” types out there would be left without many players on your rosters if they were “one and done” bans for something as simple as a fight. I didn’t understand the selection, but until I hear it was battery on a woman, then I won’t be calling for his dismissal.

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