Reggie McKenzie joins Dolphins’ front office

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Reggie McKenzie has accepted a job in the Dolphins’ front office as a senior personnel executive, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports.

The Raiders fired McKenzie in December after seven seasons as their General Manager with coach Jon Gruden taking over a bigger role in football operations.

McKenzie, 56, spent eight years as director of player personnel for the Packers before the Raiders hired him.

He earned NFL Executive of the Year in 2016 after the Raiders went 12-4. The Raiders were 4-12 last season, trading former first-round picks Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper.

The addition of McKenzie continues the Dolphins’ makeover. The team promoted Chris Grier to General Manager overseeing football operations and hired Bills national scout Marvin Allen as assistant G.M. and Patriots assistant Brian Flores as head coach among its many moves.

29 responses to “Reggie McKenzie joins Dolphins’ front office

  1. Uh-oh!!!

    Reggie McKenzie is on the phone tom cable
    (while cable searches for lil’ richie incognito’s number).

  2. The raiders being 4-12 last year had a whole lot more to do with Chucky, then it did with Reggie. I think that is a great hire for the phins.

  3. Life long Raiders fan here and very appreciative for all his hard work, dug us out of a deep hole of dysfunction. With that being said his drafting is down right atrocious and pray hes not your lead negotiator on draft day. Hes received tons of praise for ONE draft where Mack and Carr literally fell to him. He repeatedly wastes 2nd rounds picks on insanely high reaches that NEVER pan out and could be had way later. His last drafts have been a travesty and a major reason for our roster destruction. All in all great person, excellent at cap management, id leave it at that.

  4. Yeah well turns out, Mack and Cooper were McKenzies only good first round picks. He had many bad drafts which isn’t good when your picking top 10 every year.Carr was a early second round pick.

  5. I just happened to watch a utube of the Pats/Oakland playoff game from 1985. You couldn’t help notice that the starting ILB was a rookie named Reggie McKenzie. People might forget that he was a REALLY good football player. The Pats won the game in LA on their way to a very improbable superbowl appearance against the Bears, but McKenzie was a beast that game with about 15 tackles.

    BTW- If you ever get a chance to watch any games from that era. The level of contact is VASTLY different that what we are getting now.

  6. First thing McKenzie did when he joined the Raiders as GM was to fire then head coach Hue Jackson. Now it is his turn to be fired by new head coach John Gruden.

  7. Wow with all the new player personnel executives and coaches hired the Miami Dolphins so called war room will be a battle of opinions finding the perfect draft pick. Clearly the Dolphins want to rebuild using the draft and I guess Chris Grier will be the final decision maker with Dan Marino telling owner Stephen Ross who should be fired next.

  8. What ever happens to the Dolphins going forward will be on Grier and Flores. Bringing in experienced guys as back up like Caldwell and McKenzie is a smart move. A move Gase was not smart enough to make. Flores has Caldwell… Grier has McKensie.

  9. He dug the Raiders out of salary cap hell, but he stated he would have traded UP for DJ Hayeden. Enough said, his drafts were horrible

  10. An assistant that jumped between offense and defense promoted straight to HC and a retread GM as a senior personnel executive, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

    WOW the McVay effect has turned the NFL on it’s head, giving little experience position coaches HCing jobs just looking/hoping/praying for that next big thing, I can’t wait to watch this failed experiment play out!

    Here’s a hint NFL owners: hire from the Bill Walsh/Bill Parcells coaching tree, it’s the only one that seems to grow fruit!

  11. i always love the people who rip on Reggie picks, but they can never name another team who has drafted better. You can name any team I will be able to rip on that teams draft as well. Have to love the DJ Hayden pick. Please go back to the 2013 draft and tell me which player should they have drafted of the 5 picks before him, or the 5 after him. Not a single one of those players is still on the team that drafted him. DJ is still playing on one of the best defenses in the NFL. Most of Reggies picks, and a handful of undrafted picks are starting in the nfl. I guess the reality for raiders fans, is they were not good enough to play for the raiders, but are good enough for other teams. Please name another team picks…i will pick apart at least a dozen players.

  12. @radrntn

    R.M almost drafted Hayden at #3 then got fleeced (like usual) trading back. S.Richardson,S.Lotuleli,T.Eifert, D.Trufant,* X.Rhodes * and D.Hopkins were all available, and most teams took Hayden off thier board completely. R.M repeatedly swung n missed with high-mid range valued picks( M.Edwards,K.Joseph,J.Ward,S.Calhoon
    C Cook who he traded up for, O.Melinfolu,E.Vanderdoes,D Sharpe) to name a few. Common trend is he overdrafts injured college players that stay injured in the NFL

  13. RaiderRyn says:
    February 17, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    R.M almost drafted Hayden at #3
    – – – – – – – – – –
    almost- I did not know you were in the war room… once again rip on reggie picks…is not what i said…i said name another team who drafts betters….the fact is the whole draft is a crap shoot….the higher the risk, the higher rewards sometimes….do you draft a players whose has a higher potential (if the coaching staff can develop players, and that is where the raiders problem is) or do you draft a guy a low risk player whose already reached their potential… Go ahead spend the next hour researching other teams draft, and get back to me. Ha- good luck

  14. @radrntn

    RM openly said after selecting Hayden he was prepared to take him at #3 if no offers came in ( ha ? ) really dude? Hard to develop talent that cant practice. Who developed M.Watson, J.Ward? Where are any of his overdrafted reaches flourishing? The draft IS an absolute crap shoot, take your shots in the late rounds. Or take O.Melinfolu in the 2nd who gets cut the following year and follow him right out the door. Also cant remember the last time such a great talent evaluator sat unemployed for so long to a demotion

  15. Just don’t let Reggie have any input on draft day, he’ll be remembered as the Mr. overdrafter with that trade up to Connor Cook his signature pick.

  16. So we get rid of Tannenbaum and hire hire McKenzie?
    I really don’t understand this hire – he brings NOTHING to the table but whatever his salary is & overly large body!
    In my opinion he’s Tannenbaum 2.0……but I’m sure that dolt TruthfulDolphinsFan will square us away on this!

  17. tylawspick6 says:
    February 16, 2019 at 10:38 pm
    this guy was atrocious with a very low iq

    Based on what? I think he’s very good at what he does he went to a Raiders team, that wasted draft picks in trades and on poor players, wasted money on FA. He drafted some really good players and helped turn them around from the silly franchise that Davis had them at that point.

    All the things he was working for got undone with the owners obsession with Gruden. They ended up needing to trade a top 3 defender in the league, in his prime. McKennzie helped build a roster in GB that won a SB as well. Since 2005 the Phins have made the post season TWICE He is going to be alot better than what was there.

  18. Since 2005 the Phins have made the post season TWICE He is going to be alot better than what was there.
    And the Raiders had ONE winning season with GOOOOOOOOO REGGGGGGIE! LOL!

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