Trent Richardson scores game-winning TD in second AAF game

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Trent Richardson couldn’t cut it in the NFL, but he’s making some waves in the AAF.

Richardson’s Birmingham Iron played in their second Alliance of American Football game today, and they beat Salt Lake 12-9 on the strength of Richardson’s game-winning touchdown run with 4:40 left in the fourth quarter.

Birmingham is now 2-0; Richardson scored two touchdowns to lead his team to victory in the opener.

This AAF game was exceedingly dull in the first half, but the second half got more interesting, as Richardson and his teammates came back from a 9-0 halftime deficit to win. Salt Lake missed a field goal late in the fourth quarter that could have sent the game into overtime, which would have been interesting to see as the AAF has some unique overtime rules.

Ultimately, the players in the AAF are there mostly because they’re hoping they can get themselves a chance in the NFL. For most, that’s a second chance, as most players in the NFL have spent time in an NFL training camp but have been released. Richardson is hoping for a fifth chance, having spent time with the Browns, Colts, Raiders and Ravens. He hasn’t done enough to earn that chance yet, but if he keeps it up he might find himself in a training camp in six months.

24 responses to “Trent Richardson scores game-winning TD in second AAF game

  1. TNT did a good job with the game. Cynthia Freeland in the studio is always a plus.

    Marvin Lewis and Maurice Jones-Drew seem to think people tune in to hear them talk(shut up and let the game speak for itself sometimes), but Brian Anderson was good per usual.

    Good game. Busy Saturday with the wife and kids so only caught the 2nd half but enjoyed it. Tim Lewis is a quality coach and was a quality Packer!


  2. 12-9, sorry I missed that. Looking at the box score it appears that the teams can’t move the ball. Richardson had 2.2 YPC.

  3. Totally agree with freefromwhatyouare. it was a good game in an otherwise season void of football. And Marvin and Maurice do not need to talk so much.

  4. Didn’t even know there was a game today, good job on the advertising NFL/AAF/Whatever this crap product is. The Blues vs. Canucks was more interesting and I’m not a fan of either team anyway.

  5. I’ve enjoyed every AAF game I have watched, this one included.


    Me too. Having a game on early in the day was a treat. Another special football city- Birmingham is looking very good in play and support!

    Go AAF!

  6. NFL owners clearly colluded against Trent Richardson. He should kneel…sue…make a BS Nike commercial…then settle.

  7. The story here is the last chance and this is why I hope the AAF makes it. There is so much talent the NFL cuts (no blaming them that they cut them) and this league can help them pursue their dreams. Was so sad when the Iron player broke his leg and was carted off the field, you could see it in his eyes that he might never play again. The energy of the players are there, I hope they stay the course and long term it will work to create a minor league football team for the nfl. Being a Dolphins fan I could see the Orlando team being the minor league for the three Florida teams and they could send the practice squad players to play to gain experience. This way it will draw the nfl fans to watch even more. Totally makes sense and as I watch today you could see the nfl network influence on the broadcast. Polian and ebersol were told to establish the league and the nfl said we can talk but in the background they are helping. I am pulling for this league. Better then watching baseball.

  8. Even after his 950yd, 11TD rookie season, us Browns fans still called him Trent “Dig Dug” Richardson. Two steps left….. two steps right……eat dirt.

  9. AAF is the nfl’s watered down long term solution
    to the impending nfl bankruptcy after lawsuits force them into “protection”.

  10. L. S. says:
    February 16, 2019 at 6:16 pm
    Didn’t even know there was a game today, good job on the advertising NFL/AAF/Whatever this crap product is. The Blues vs. Canucks was more interesting and I’m not a fan of either team anyway.


    Totally disagree. That’s like saying the college game doesn’t translate. It doesn’t. But couple hundred players still make it every year, and quite a few go on to have long career. The league was never intended to compete team for team with the NFL. But there are players in there that can compete.

  11. Can a running back get the yips? He was a beast his rookie season. I wonder if the inexplicable trade by the Browns got in his head. To be fawned over most of your life, shine your first year in and then dumped had to have messed with him. I guess karma balanced out seeing that they took Manziel with that pick.

  12. Trent Richardson was a star today…ummm…that should tell you all that you need to know Objectivefan. Ask a Brown’s fan about the great memories that they have in regards to him being a great Bown’s RB. College football can exist on it’s own, the AAF can’t. There are fans of the NCAA that don’t even get in to pro football, not sure about your “translation” idea. College football has young hungry players that can play in the NFL and the AAF has players that didn’t make it the first go round, just keep trying to live the dream, and refuse to go get a real job like everyone else.
    The only thing that is positive about the AAF is that it provides the opportunity to young people who want to get paid right away instead of going to a college, playing for free/a scholarship, and beating themselves up before they even get a chance at the NFL. Options are always good. There may be a few diamonds in the rough, but a majority of these player are wannabes. It’s like having a league mostly made up Uncle Rico’s. They think they are NFL caliber players, but the reality is that all they are are Tupperware salesmen disguised as football players.

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