Josh Allen wants to know whether Jalen Ramsey thinks he’s still trash

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Last year, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey provided a one-word assessment of Bills quarterback Josh Allen: Trash.

Recently, Allen has turned the tables on Ramsey, via an autograph provided to a couple of Bills fans.

Via Ryan Talbot of, Allen signed a photo over the weekend from Buffalo’s win over the Jaguars, and Allen included this message: “Hey Ramsey. . . . Am I still trash?

During Buffalo’s 24-21 win over the Jaguars, Allen completed eight of 19 passes for 160 yards and a touchdown. He added 99 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown.

Unfortunately, the Bills aren’t scheduled to play the Jaguars in 2019.

28 responses to “Josh Allen wants to know whether Jalen Ramsey thinks he’s still trash

  1. During Buffalo’s 24-21 win over the Jaguars, Allen completed eight of 19 passes for 160 yards and a touchdown
    8 of 19 for 160 is by definition trash for an NFL QB. Play 60.

  2. JR’s likely reply: “Yes.”

    I like Allen. Seems to have a ways to go before he’s a good passer but his athleticism is borderline shocking.

  3. Josh Allen needs to slow his roll. He has challenged patrick mahomes to a throwing contest. Now he is asking Ramsey stuff. Dude, just worry about yourself. Don’t try and use Mahomes to hype yourself up. It Looks Weak.

  4. I love Allen and I’m excited to see what he’ll do with a revamped oline and some legit weapons at WR.
    That being said, he didn’t do enough last season to run his mouth in the offseason.

  5. 8 of 19 for 160 is by definition trash for an NFL QB. Play 60.

    He also rushed for 99 yards and a TD and Won the game.. sooooo…

  6. He’s not good enough to be trash, can’t hit the broad side of a dumpster fire, 52% comp rate ain’t gonna cut it

  7. To Mike’s relocation point in the attached video: you have to remember the pegulas also own the sabres so IF the Bills were to relocate it would have to be to a city without a hockey team (so St. Loius is out, as you suggested). or they would have to also sell the sabres, which they won’t do.

  8. Shouldn’t this cat be more focused on working on his horrid mechanics when the pocket collapses or his accuracy? I don’t like Ramsey but he is one of, if not the best at his position. Allen has proven zero, his rushing ability and athleticism is great and all but he was the worst in the NFL in every single passing category (he’s a QB after all) and the receivers argument is lazy, 20 other QB’s had more drops than Josh Allen that doesn’t dip you down to 52%.

  9. This guy has nothing but his legs. Talk to me after you get lit up a couple times, because it’s going to happen.

  10. Johnny Manziel had a better rookie season than Josh Allen so he’s not really in a place to brag (yet). Just because Blake Bortles is also “trash” doesn’t mean Ramsey is proven wrong about Allen.

    As of right now the teams that passed on Allen aren’t exactly kicking themselves for it. Kid needs to actually show something then brag. “I beat a 5-11 team by not even completing half my passes in a game where the other teams top offensive playmaker was ejected” doesn’t scream future hall of famer.

  11. Why wouldn’t he still be trash, the Bills had the 31st ranked passing game.

    Yup, that’s trash.

  12. If we hate people for saying stupid things as a teenager then we’re going to be hating everyone.

  13. “Unfortunately, the Bills aren’t scheduled to play the Jaguars in 2019.”
    That’s fortunate for everyone who can see or who otherwise enjoys decent football.

  14. Josh Allen wrote that message at the fan’s request, not by his own design. I’m surprised the article hasn’t been updated with that detail.

    He also challenged Mahomes to a test of arm strength, out of respect, because he knows they both have the best arms in the league. This is not insinuating that he believes he’s a better QB as a rookie. (seriously guys??)

    The kid is very promising. Very little to work with as an unpolished rookie and sat out a bunch of games with an arm injury, so the stats won’t wow you from 2018. Let’s see what they can build around him in 2019 and see how he does before calling him “trash”, Jalen. 😉

  15. Yes, your play is not that good. The league has changed all kinds of rules to favor the offense and you managed what for completion percent? You are the same quarterback that you were in college except you are not playing online Montana State every week.

  16. Allen completed 52% of his pass attempts, 10 TD / 12 INT if Josh couldn’t run he’d be a bust… So yes Josh as of last season you are trash…

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