Reports: Washington was interested in Joe Flacco trade

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Joe Flacco is set to become a member of the Broncos on March 13 and it appears the Ravens may have also had a trade option a little closer to Baltimore.

Troy Renck of KMGH reported last week that the deal came together quickly because there was interest from another team in dealing for the Ravens veteran. Renck added, via Darren McKee of 104.3 The Fan, over the weekend that the other team was Washington and Albert Breer of reported the same on Monday morning.

Washington’s interest in a quarterback comes as no surprise. Senior vice president of player personnel Doug Williams said the team is looking for somebody to join Colt McCoy while Alex Smith continues to recover from his broken leg.

Unless things fall apart in Denver, that quarterback won’t be Flacco. One possibility could be Case Keenum, who the Broncos are expected to shop in a trade now that they’ve moved in a different direction at the top of the depth chart.

15 responses to “Reports: Washington was interested in Joe Flacco trade

  1. Glad it didn’t go through. As a skins fan I don’t want any more money thrown at an older qb. I’d rather the skins routinely get destroyed at this point until Snyder realizes … anything.

  2. The Redskins have a $20.4 million cap hit for a player who won’t be playing this year…The offensive line crumbles every year…every year! The first 3 draft picks need to be offensive linemen…We’re in the playoff hunt every year until our offensive line inevitably breaks down…every single time…!

    Can we please just hire Chip Kelly as our conditioning/fitness coach…? The current staff, without needing to look it up, clearly leads the league in season ending injuries…! It just ain’t werkin folks…

  3. Always safe to assume that whatever Washington decides to do in any situation will ultimately end up as a bad decision. That means that it’s already looking like Flacco is going to have a major resurgence this season. Fantasy sleeper QB 2019-2020!

  4. “Looking for somebody while Alex Smith continues to recover from his broken leg”

    They are really thinking Alex is the man when he gets back from broken leg? I’d let that ship sail and find your long-term QB now.

    Alex will be 35 in May and who knows if he will even be able to play at all in 2019.

  5. Not surprised, the Washington NFL team is so dysfunctional that even Flacco- who probably could’ve stayed in the same home, with his kids in the same school- doesn’t want to be there. I can see the Ravens GM telling him “Washington’s interested in you” and Flacco saying “No thanks, anyone else?”

  6. I’ve been complaining about the strength and conditioning coaches for several years now. Get rid of your nephew Jay… nepotism is never a good idea.

  7. I originally thought that Flacco would go to DC, predicated on Smith retiring after that gruesome injury. It seemed a good fit. I just can’t believe the continual misfortune that befalls the Redskins. At least DC got to see the Caps win it all. Go Patriots!

  8. I think everyone who follows the team closely realizes that investing 18M more into the already 24M QB room is not prudent. All there really is to do is draft a guy and hope that either him or McCoy is a pleasant surprise. Why can’t the front office see that while the fans can?

  9. Flacco is obviously a stopgap, makes sense for Washington currently.
    Elway is obviously floundering, not much making sense for Denver.
    Upstaged by Washington? When was the last time that was said??

  10. Redskins FO is a mess…why would they be interested in Flacco…wasn’t Alex Smith a good enough lesson..tough break on his injury but I didn’t enjoy watching him play at all up to that point

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