Robbie Gould ready to “consider all opportunities” in free agency

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More than one person thought of 49ers kicker Robbie Gould while watching Cody Parkey miss a field goal at the end of the Bears’ Wild Card loss to the Eagles and thousands of them were in the same building as Gould at the time.

Gould was in the Soldier Field stands to watch his former team in the playoffs and said that his phone started buzzing moments after Parkey’s kick doinked off the upright and crossbar. Gould said that it was “tough” to watch Parkey go though the aftermath of a miss that came after a shaky regular season of work.

That has some wondering if the Bears might change course at kicker. Gould was released by the Bears in September 2016, but is building a house in the Chicago area and said he’s open to a return in free agency this offseason.

“Cody is obviously the kicker for the Chicago Bears,” Gould said on 670 The Score. “They have a lot things they would have to do in order for it to work. Those are all things, you never know what’s going to happen, right? We’re all ears if we get to that March 11 time and we’ll take it in stride. We’d definitely consider all opportunities when we get to that free agent part, for sure.”

March 11 is the first day teams can talk to representatives of players from other teams and March 13 is the first day a player can sign with a new team.

14 responses to “Robbie Gould ready to “consider all opportunities” in free agency

  1. I don’t have a horse in the race, as I’m a fan of neither team. But it’s always cool to see a player to return to a place where he spent so many years, and the Bears clearly need an upgrade at the position. I hope he heads back.

  2. Why would the 9’ers lose their only decent player? Literally the only guy on that roster that could start on any other NFL team.

  3. Gould was released when the Bears had no up arrow and he was taking cap space. It was a good move for both Bears and Robbie.
    Pace failed to secure a good kicker in time for the fast Bear turnaround. Now is the time for him to secure a VERY good kicker – if he’s available. The 49ers could use the exact same logic to release Gould. And I hope they do.

  4. dfwhawkguy says:
    February 18, 2019 at 8:33 am
    Why would the 9’ers lose their only decent player? Literally the only guy on that roster that could start on any other NFL team.

    I get it, you’re a Seahawks fan, so you want to get your shots in on the Niners, but George Kittle did break the single-season tight end yardage record this past season. And most of that was with CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens behind center. You know you’d happily trade him for the collection of scrubs that your Hawks churned out at TE this past season.

  5. It would make way too much sense to bring him back to Chicago. Historically, the Bears organization usually defies what is logically right in front of them so I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on this deal. Bears ownership/front office is a headscratching bunch!

  6. Robbie is getting up there in years and will take his last deal that gives him the most GUARANTEED $$$..the Bears on on the hook for Parkey money wise, so I bet Robbie will get a better deal w/the 49ers..

  7. To the first person that said the Niners would franchise him….. that’s 100% what’s going to happen. The Niners have no other players worthy of the franchise tag and it’s only like 2 million to tag him. It also buys them time to get a long-term deal done. The tag announcement will come in the next week or so. Sorry Bears fans……

  8. Parkey makes the kick he blew in Miami the Bears are #2 seed . Nagy doesn’t go for 2 (and not get it) because he has zer0 faith in Parkey the iggles game goes into OT and Parkey blows it there. Face it Parkey has to go

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