Texans may not be in a rush to extend Jadeveon Clowney

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The market for established pass-rushers expects to thin out quickly when teams begin using the franchise tag — and that period starts tomorrow.

But while many teams will try to pursue a long-term deal for salary cap savings, one might be willing to let the process go a year to see how things develop.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, the Texans might be less inclined to try to do a long-term deal with Jadeveon Clowney, at least this year. Saying Clowney isn’t “the worker bee” other members of that defense are, the Texans may want to see how Clowney reacts to making more than $1 million per game. If he continues to work, produce (and stay healthy), they might be more willing to do it later.

Clowney just turned 26, and has 18.5 sacks the last two seasons, becoming the kind of impact player the Texans envisioned when they took him first overall in 2014.

Other pass-rushers expected to be tagged include Frank Clark of the Seahawks, Dee Ford of the Chiefs, and DeMarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys.

16 responses to “Texans may not be in a rush to extend Jadeveon Clowney

  1. Clowney isnt a bust yet, but he hasnt set the world on fire either. He shouldnt be extended until his production gets better but he has had injury problems. This year will be pivotal.

  2. “Guys played in about 50% of total games over his professional career”


    He has played 62 out of a possible 80 games…
    77.5% to be exact.

  3. Teams and fans always say that contract are not payment for past performance, but the future. The guy seems healthy and his past injury history means that ironically, he has less tread on the tire. Pay that man his money


    Teddy KGB

  4. Once rookie contracts expire salaries should be strictly performance based( minimum standard with multiple performance incentives) might help with the complacency that comes with big new contracts. Clowney has by no means played at an elite level but may be more apt to improve performance if he had to meet certain criteria to get a bigger salary; eg. Pressures, TFL, forced fumbles, sacks, etc.

  5. I wonder how many of those sacks were because he has J.J. Watt on the other side. Frankly, Clowney hasn’t lived up to being the #1 pick. That’s not saying he’s a bust. However, he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. He’s going to want a ton of money. I think they would be better to save that money and use it on other positions. They can just draft another DL this year since there is a good crop of them in this coming draft.

  6. It always seemed like Clowney plays football because he hit the genetic lottery and was very good at football, not because he particularly loves the sport. You hear all the time about players who live, breathe, and eat football and work extraordinarily hard to maintain their position in the sport. Then there are those who rely on freak athleticism. Clowney falls in the latter category.

  7. Clowney has been pretty good throughout his career, but unfortunately for him his draft position demands at this point for him to be elite. He is playing for big money this year.

  8. The guy isn’t necessarily a bust if you consider the fact that he’s playing with 50 year old beat-up knees.

  9. He seemed to be hitting his stride this past season. I would be surprised if he dropped off. In fact, barring injuries, he should be even better. A nice long term contract with elite type incentives and milestones would seem to be in order. The same can be said for Frank Clark.

  10. Doesn’t have the work ethic of a $100 mil player, jumps offsides too much, single digit sacks. It’s either tag him and see if he improves or trade him while he still has value. Maybe they are afraid that once he gets paid…he won’t play as hard.

  11. Texans will keep Clowney. (1) Not at all a certainty that he is replaceable through the draft. (2) Clowney is a big part of why the Texans are effective against the run. (3) Texans org knows better than to hold it against Clowney that he’s not J.J. Watt. (4) Texans org looks down the road to when Watt retires. No Watt and no Clowney is a pretty glum scenario.

  12. So many people on here commenting that obviously don’t watch football or understand it all that much.
    Clowney has been FAR from a bust. People see the 9 sacks and not 14 or 15 and scream bust. He has been dominant. Look at his TFLs or pressures or QB hits. Watch how he sets the edge on running plays, which he actually does better than Watt.
    As far as his injury history goes, he has only missed 3 games the past 3 years and only 1 of those was due to injury. The other 2 were a coaches decision the final game of the season when the playoffs were already locked up.
    The “one big hit in college” and “always injured” narratives are borderline ridiculous now. Watch some games instead of just stat watching like you only watch football for fantasy purposes and you’d see he’s a dominant player.

  13. darthobama says:
    February 18, 2019 at 10:25 am

    “Guys played in about 50% of total games over his professional career”


    He has played 62 out of a possible 80 games…
    77.5% to be exact.



    He has played 62 out of a possible 84 games.
    73.8% to be exact.

    You don’t get to skip playoff games. 🙂

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