DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t committing to anything absent new deal

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Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence repeatedly has said he won’t sign a second franchise tender. He most recently said it at the Pro Bowl and reiterated it on social media with a point-blank message to the Cowboys: Your move.

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys won’t use the franchise tag again. Of course they will if they don’t have a long-term contract completed by March 5, which is the hope of both sides.

The $20.56 million franchise tag would buy the Cowboys time to negotiate a long-term deal, giving them another four months absent an agreement in the next two weeks. But it could make the talks more contentious.

Lawrence reportedly is not having shoulder surgery without a new contract.

Lawrence, the top-ranked player on PFT’s top-100 free agents, will get a new contract. The Cowboys take care of the players they value, and they value Lawrence. The only question is: When?

9 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence isn’t committing to anything absent new deal

  1. No shoulder surgery until a new deal? That’s like Shaq saying he got hurt on company time so he will rehab on company time.. that was the beginning of the end with him and kobe

  2. redlikethepig says:
    February 19, 2019 at 2:59 pm
    I’m struggling with understanding why putting off needed surgery is a good idea.

    Basically he’s making sure they know that he won’t be ready at seasons beginning if they wait for the deadline on the franchise tag. Forcing them to make deal faster by essentially holding himself hostage. I find it to be stupid but effective as long as the guy isn’t in extreme pain.

  3. If that’s his attitude, then the cowboys should just franchise him and if he chooses to sit out, that’s on him, he’ll never get a long term deal, only a short term show me deal!

  4. They should sign him & put off as long as possible a deal for Dak. Let HIM prove himself before he’s given “Franchise” QB type money. IMO- he hasn’t shown it. His inability to hit open receivers is that of legend. It cost Dez his job, Witt to take an early retirement & has Beasley thinking of moving on. As a longtime fan it upsets me to have to shed light on these situations. Hopefully with a new OC & the idea of making this Dak friendly offense more Dak friendly.

  5. Take everyone of these entitled diva’s and just say no. This is getting way to common. Where do they think all this money comes from? I am ready for the fans to refuse to pay these guys. Empty stadiums and I watched games. I once watched every game and knew multiple players. I do well to watch the boys and know fewer names.

  6. The name is Dakota. Learn it.

    I fail to grasp how putting off surgery is a good thing. In his case, I hope he never recovers and does permanent damage by delaying what he needs.

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