Jerry Jones said he and Jason Garrett “have real trust”

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Jerry Jones is comfortable letting Jason Garrett enter the final year of his contract, and he said Garrett is comfortable not having long-term security.

Of course, the Cowboys owner also has said five teams would have hired Garrett as head coach this offseason were Garrett a free agent. So maybe Garrett expects to be in high demand next offseason.

“I am and Jason is, we’re both happy with where we are,” Jones said Tuesday, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “We’ve done this before. We both have real trust in each other, a little more unique than normal.”

Garrett went into the 2014 season as a lame duck, and the Cowboys went 12-4, won the NFC East and beat the Lions in the wild-card round before losing to the Packers in the divisional round in the infamous Dez Bryant catch/no-catch game.

The Cowboys rewarded Garrett with a five-year, $30 million extension.

Garrett said at the Super Bowl that he doesn’t spend “a lot of time on the business of football” and appeared unconcerned about coaching for his job.

Of course, Garrett’s contract status has invited speculation about the Cowboys attempting to hire Sean Payton after this season.

Since taking over in the middle of the 2010 season, Garrett is 77-59 with three postseason appearances. He is 2-3 in the playoffs, never advancing beyond the divisional round.

22 responses to “Jerry Jones said he and Jason Garrett “have real trust”

  1. Five teams? Yeah, right. I’ve seen nothing from this clown that says he is his own man and isn’t just a puppet with Jerruh’s hand up his….

  2. “doesn’t spend a lot of time on the business of football”….I’d like to know how much time during the week he spends on actual football. Ya know game planning, self-scouting, infusing creativity in to the offense. My guess is 0.

  3. Yeah Jerry and Jason have real trust!!….Jerry Trusts Jason will get the Cowboys to a Superbowl next year, and Jason trusts he’ll still have a job after next year……the more things change, the more things stay the same in Cowboy land!!!!!

  4. The most frustrating thing for me about Garrett is his inability to make halftime adjustments. Like Barry Swtizer, he just makes this grimace face during the game without doing anything else. Anyone ever see him get in a player’s face or coach with amy amount of passion?

  5. Jason Garrett will never have to work another day in his life. He’s made more money than he ever thought he’d make. Jerry Jones is doing ok too. The Cowboys are returning to the top of the league again. Dak Prescott is maturing into a really good QB, and he’s built to play for another decade or so. Jerry Jones isn’t the type of person to cave in from outside pressure. He’s actually one of the smartest owners, and he understands the game of football better than most. He was the captain on Arkansas’ National Championship team back in the day. He’s not just someone’s son or grandson that inherited a football team.

  6. Yawn….And Yet he WON the EAST AGAIN! And a playoff game ……. yep he sucks as a puppet. If im not mistaken and IM NOT, he has beaten the Eagles 3 STR8 Now! ….. Beast Champs is better then being no champs at all…… just sayn.
    Carry on like As If You Know Anyone Else Whom Could Come In Right Now And Work For Jerry And Win…….. P I E C E !

  7. Their trust is that Jerry says, “whatever”. Jason says, “Yes sir and how high to whatever”.

  8. Jerry has 100% trust that Garrett will do exactly what he wants & tells him to do…

    Garrett trusts that Jerry will continue paying him to “coach” as long as he follows Jerry’s orders 100% of the time.

    Ain’t mutual trust a wonderful thing?

  9. calizcowboyz says:
    February 19, 2019 at 4:33 pm
    Yawn….And Yet he WON the EAST AGAIN! And a playoff game ……. yep he sucks as a puppet. If im not mistaken and IM NOT, he ha

    I guess if winning the NFC East and then flaming out is your goal then you have your guy. Congrats.

  10. In Baseball, when the owner says he has full confidence in the manager, the manger is usually let go within a few days.

  11. He never bashes anyone in public, including players. That’s why you never hear anyone who has even been on the team talk bad about him. Obviously Garret is on the hot seat.

  12. The real questions begin when the cowboys go 8-8 and still win the east. Then they are going to have to start paying mediocre players big money (Prescott, Elliot)

  13. Jason Garrett has walked out onto a Loooooong Branch hanging over the Grand Canyon vouching for his new Offensive Coordinator. This Kellen Moore experiment flops…Ooooooooooo Boy lookout.

  14. Sean Payton will leave the Saints after this season & will be head coach in Dallas in 2020, he and Jerry are extremely close and Payton will leave the Saints because Brees will retire after this upcoming season.

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