Patrick Mahomes glad to see Kareem Hunt with second chance

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Patrick Mahomes called Kareem Hunt a teammate for a year and a half. They shared the backfield for 11 games this season before Hunt went on the Commissioner Exempt list.

The Chiefs cut Hunt on Dec. 2, and Hunt signed with the Browns on Feb. 12.

“It’s something where he gets another opportunity,” Mahomes said Tuesday while touring the “Call of Duty” video game studios in Los Angeles, via Tom Withers of the Associated Press. “I’m sure they will have things that he needs to do off the field in order to be on the field playing. Kareem is a great player, great running back.”

In 27 games in Kansas City, Hunt averaged 4.7 yards per carry and 79.7 yards per game.

Browns General Manager John Dorsey said last week he expected the NFL to announce within a couple of weeks a specific discipline for Hunt for multiple off-field incidents.

15 responses to “Patrick Mahomes glad to see Kareem Hunt with second chance

  1. Sylvia A Zorn says:
    February 19, 2019 at 7:18 pm
    So Patrick, if you had a daughter, would you allow him to date her?

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    I love a man without skeletons in his closet. Please tell us, how do you do it?

  2. He didn’t get fired from the Chiefs for pushing another dude into a woman. And he didn’t get fired for the little pretend kick to her either. He got fired for lying about it. Top 3 RB in the league.

  3. Your Chiefs 2019 most dissapointing team one year wonders just like the Jaguwars wonder boy cant keep throwing no look passes many pick sixes coming his way

  4. jbaxt says:
    February 19, 2019 at 7:57 pm
    Hunt being on the team doesn’t prevent Dee Ford from being lined up offsides.


    True, but Hunt being on the team might very well have helped prevent a scoreless first half. Notwithstanding, if Ford doesn’t line up off-sides, the Chiefs win the game.

  5. I will agree that those no-look passes are going to get him into trouble. It’s just asking for a pick 6. That said, the kid is gifted and looks to be around for quite some time. Chiefs fans have a very exciting 10-15 years at least going forward.

  6. If the chiefs had Kareem on their roster that day the score would’ve been a different story. I think the cchiefs would’ve been able to afford Ford jumpim off sides that day !!! Anyway, on to Cleveland !!!

  7. I like how people cry the virtues of the Chiefs for cutting Hunt. Funny how that incident happened MONTHS before he was cut, and the team knew about it.

  8. Chiefs knew of the incident but no one knew Hunt came out of his room and attacked that girl. That’s when he was cut. And no ones saying he shouldn’t get a second chance. But he hasn’t been punished and will be making more money than if the Chiefs didn’t cut him. How is getting a raise punishment?

    Here’s your raise for all your troubles Mr. Hunt…

  9. He didn’t get a raise either. His 1y/ 1m contract is not guaranteed and doesn’t start to pay until he plays. KC would have paid him 975K in 2019. He won’t come close to that with the Browns. South of 400k if he gets the minimum 6 game suspension.
    Depending on how tough the NFL wants to be, he may not play at all. Plus he will have to wait another 2 years for the big contract that the Chiefs most likely would have given him after 2019. He’s probably left a lot of money on the table for next 5 years, too.

  10. spunjmunke says:
    February 20, 2019 at 8:27 am
    I like how people cry the virtues of the Chiefs for cutting Hunt. Funny how that incident happened MONTHS before he was cut, and the team knew about it.
    I like how people want to ignore that Hunt lied about the incident and lied about his involvement. Then those same people want to blame the Chiefs for doing the right thing once the truth came out.

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