Cardinals have three of this year’s four biggest free agent signings

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The Cardinals had the worst record in the NFL last year, so it’s unsurprising that they’re making big changes this offseason. But the pace at which they’re making changes has been surprising.

Although full-blown free agency doesn’t start until March 13, players who have been released can be signed by other teams now. And no team is making more aggressive moves to sign those players than the Cardinals.

Three of the four biggest contracts that have been signed so far this offseason have been players going to the Cardinals: Cornerback Robert Alford signed a three-year, $22.5 million contract after he was cut by the Falcons, tight end Charles Clay signed a one-year, $3.25 million contract after he was cut by the Bills, and defensive end Brooks Reed signed a one-year, $1.625 million contract after he was cut by the Falcons.

According to Spotrac, only two other players have signed with new teams this offseason: Center Spencer Long, who signed a three-year, $12.6 million contract with the Bills after he was cut by the Jets, and running back Kareem Hunt, who signed a one-year, $1.1 million contract with the Browns after he was cut by the Chiefs last season when video emerged of him assaulting a woman.

The Cardinals are making lots of big changes, with new head coach Kliff Kingsbury bringing in a new staff, and the first overall pick in the draft looming. Whether all these moves make them a better team than the 3-13 club in 2018 remains to be seen, but they’re certainly a different team.

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  1. Well, they couldn’t have gotten much worse, so hopefully the changes will be for the better. Good luck to the Cards. They’ve been bad for so long, and it would be nice to see them turn things around.

  2. Alford was an excellent signing. He played all last season on a severe high ankle sprain so he struggled a bit, but healthy Alford is one of the best corners in the league, definitely one of the best #2s in the NFL. Paired up w/ Patrick Peterson w/ Budda Baker and DJ Swearinger at safety the Cardinals secondary is loaded. That defense should be significantly improved going back to the hybrid 3-4 defense the defensive roster was built to run. Drafting Bosa to pair w/ Chandler Jones will give the Cardinals one of the best pass rush’s in the league as well w/ only 2-3 other teams in the NFL possesing an outside pass rush that legit.

  3. They have to be better than last year. In Steve Wilks, we saw a coach who refused to adjust his strategy no matter the personnel available nor in reacting to the game conditions.
    Just ridding the team of that kind of obstinacy puts us ahead of the game. Addition by subtraction.

  4. They’ve been bad for so long, and it would be nice to see them turn things around.


    They were in the NFCCG only 3 years ago. Let’s not go shedding tears for them just yet.

  5. They’ve been bad for so long, and it would be nice to see them turn things around.


    This comment actually made me laugh out loud and, as a Browns fan, I’m somewhat insulted by it. The Cardinals were 13-3 in the 2015 season and 11-5 the season before that. Not to mention they were in the Super Bowl last decade.

    If that’s your idea of being bad “for so long,” you must have unbelievably high standards.

  6. Wouldn’t exactly put Alford, Clay, and Reed in Hall of Fame category. Being cut by the Bills and Falcons doesn’t exactly put them in the elite class of free agent signings.

  7. I can still remember several years ago when the Cardinals had 5 players ranked in the top 100, the Patriots had maybe 2, and guess who made the superbowl, and who did not make the playoffs? It takes a team, not several splashy players!

  8. They may overspend too early and wind up not being able to sign some really good players when free agency officially begins. Early bird may get the worm, but it may not be the tastiest morsel.

  9. They’ve been bad for so long, and it would be nice to see them turn things around.
    They were in the NFC championship game in 2015. They havent been that bad if you actually watch the NFL

  10. Yeah when has a lot of free agent signings ever worked? You build a team through the draft. The easy way out is to sign free agents because they’ve already determine what they will be as professionals. The hardest thing to do is to project what a college player is going to be as a professional. But that’s why steve keim gets paid the big bucks. Which he’s repeatedly failed it. Building through the draft. And get this, they may cut another first rounder, Nkemdiche, this off season. He’s been there 2 years. All of Keim’s 1st and 2nd Roy seed have been busts for seven straight years.

  11. Top free agents? Give me a break. FA hasn’t even started yet. This is your typical Steve Keim Time. Overpay and hope it sticks to the wall.
    Card fans think these are great FA’s signing because they’re hard up for anything right now. This team has so many holes it’s not even funny!

  12. Looks like the players signed decent money contracts. I;m a little surprised they didn’t wait for free agency to see what other teams may want to sign them.

  13. AutonomousThinker7, couldn’t have said it better. Steve Keim is a failure as a GM. How he got GM of the year for two years is hilarious. It’s almost bad as the Noble Peace Prize. If Keim was a CEO for any other corporate company he would’ve been fired a long time ago. Get your head on right Michael Bidwill!

  14. As a Bills fan, I was excited to land Clay. It soon became apparent his knees were even worse than the Bills thought. They are spaghetti. All threw talent doesn’t matter if outs damaged beyond repair. Its like a BMW with written out tires.

  15. As a coach fresh outta college the last thing that I would want are veterans who are set in their ways. Give me players fresh out of college who I can mold in my image.

    He’s been in NFL lockerooms before though so he should be alright.

  16. “There is a reason the Bills CUT Clay and didnt try to trade him….”

    Because he was due 4.5 mil and the FA deal he signed was 3.25… Why would a team pay him more than necessary and give up something to boot? Clay was overpaid by the Bills, but he’s not a bad player…assuming last year was an outlier and not what you should expect going forward. But none of the Bills TEs put up numbers. Is that their system, the guys throwing them the ball, or their available TEs? Maybe the latter, but Clay has been decently productive the previous few years. Clearly the first two factors changed from his previous solid performances so it’s not unreasonable to think those things were more likely related to his down year.

  17. @ 19dead2 says:
    February 20, 2019 at 9:23 am
    As comedian Sam Kennison said, “Nothing grows in the desert” and that includes Cardinal Football.


    Awesome! Love the Kinison reference.

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